Your relationship is doomed if your partner do the following

  1. If your partner do this they are about to breakup

Your Relationship Is Doomed If Your Partner Does The following

1. They withdraw during arguments
While confrontation is often unpleasant, occasional arguments with your partner are a normal and healthy part of being in a relationship. But if your partner shuts down every time you raise an issue that is bothering you, that’s a sign of larger problems.

2. They never apologize
Along with shutting down in the face of conflict, if your partner simply refuses to apologize, no matter what they did or said, then you are in a toxic relationship. It shouldn’t take a big fight or pleading on your part to get your partner to say a simple “I’m sorry” for doing something that upset or hurt you.

“In an unhealthy relationship, partners usually have to come to some conflict place in order to get an apology or even awareness of an issue.

3. They hold grudges.
All relationships are going to have challenges, and both of you are going to make mistakes. But if your partner still harbors anger towards you about something you had thought the two of you had resolved and moved forward from, this is a bad sign.

4. They are constantly looking at their phone.
To be fair, we all look at our phones too much, so this one can be tricky to interpret. But, if there is also a breakdown of communication or palpable tension between the two of you, that means trouble. Your partner may even be using their phone as a passive-aggressive way of “getting back” at you for something or to avoid a more difficult conversation.

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If your partner do this they are about to breakup

If your partner do this they are about to breakup with you