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You Don’t Lose A Good Man, You Lose A Good Man Who Is Not Meant For You

Our heart can trick us into thinking we should be happy just because we are with someone we love.

It is true that love is the most important thing in life, and that is why it should be treated with respect. And in this case – it wasn’t.

Love is so much more than the occasional “I love you” that you said out of habit and in quiet, lonely nights.

It’s so much more than distracting yourself with another film you didn’t want to see, or calling your friends to feel like something’s happening.

And what about the constant arguments over unimportant things? When did you suddenly become so petty?

You can tell yourself whatever you want, but the truth is – he wasn’t right for you. Something was missing.

If he was the right one, you wouldn’t have felt alone and misunderstood as long as he was standing right next to you. You wouldn’t have felt that you had to do something very special to get his attention.

After some time you will realize that you were addicted to the feeling of closeness, but not to love itself.

It happens: People get addicted to feelings, the time they spend with someone, the way they make them feel… They get addicted to fantasies about what might have been when reality is so completely different.

You were in love, but your intuition told you something different. It just wasn’t “it”.

You had no goal; you were working towards nothing. You had no capacity for the love you wanted and needed.

A love that is not indifferent, but loud and proud.

You have every right to have the love you want – it’s not just a fantasy. You can have the love that makes you happy.

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A love that makes you grateful every day of your life.

But before all this, you must accept yourself if you want to be happy with yourself.

You have to start practicing radical self-acceptance. You set the standard for yourself.

It is about what you want and what is good for you.

The man for you is out there – but first you have to be good to yourself.

If you feel good to yourself, the man who comes into your life will enhance your charisma.

Remember: relationships are important, but you should not live for another person – you should live for yourself. Men contribute to your life, but they do not make up your life.

You should never put your worth into the hands of another person. Only you can decide about your value, and others can recognize or miss it – that is not your problem.

Deep in your heart you know that you deserve true love, and you know that it exists. You know yourself and you know what you are capable of.

You know that there is someone who will prove that love can be shared and that two people can respect each other without being dependent on each other.
You will find someone who will make you smile when you least expect it, someone who understands you without words and always makes you feel safe.

A man who accepts you without question as you are – because you will have nothing to hide.

Vulnerability is the way to experience love, but only if you are in a healthy relationship with yourself.

Do not be afraid to be honest with yourself and do not step back to make someone else comfortable.

Don’t be like me and learn it the hard way. Do not stay with someone you think is a good person just because everything is fine. So what if he is a good person?

That still doesn’t mean he’s good for you.

You know what you need, and you’re not waiting for it to come to you.

The best thing you can do is to always be on your own side.

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