Women Who Are With Unattractive Men Are Happier.

It was discovered that women with less attractive men are happier in their respective relationships. You will want to know how attractiveness can affect the relationship between partners. The truth is that it reduces the competition of partner-snatchers. Generally, women want the best men in terms of financial support and physical look cannot be left out. The first thing that comes to play before love is attraction then, love can now build on it. Everybody wants the best but very few consider their happiness when the word “best” is emphasized. The best man for you might not be attractive – a man that will take care of you and give you the peace that you want in a relationship. He won’t cheat on you. He might be less attractive or not attractive physically but he is an angel in heart/a God sent. Unattractive men have a very low cheating power because ladies are not all over them. The truth is “All that glitters are not Gold.” 

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