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Wide Hips: 20 Things You Should Know About Those Amazing Curves

You will want to agree with me that wide hips have always been a sign of fertility. They look so beautiful, attractive, and sexy. Most men cannot resist them.

We have lots of women who naturally have wide hips but don’t like them at all.

Perhaps they had some health-related issues or maybe it’s just the feeling of bouncing into something with their wide hips that they don’t like.

On the flip side of the coin, some women want to keep wide hips all because of the way their body shapes are and some women also know that men are attracted to women with wide hips even before it was scientifically proved. In other words, big hips, and this includes the booty, allow for easier passage of a baby which makes women with wide hips more advantageous over those who don’t.

It’s always going to have something to do with desire and reproducing because most men find curvy ladies a real material for having children. 

Also, Heather Bartos says and I quote

That fat distribution in the buttocks area shows that healthy estrogen is present, unlike central obesity in the midsection. Fat around the middle is associated with “bad” estrogen that can cause cardiovascular disease and difficulty with getting pregnant.

Heather Bartos

However, you will need to understand that there is something about wide hips women that always fascinate all guys. They just can’t take their face off it.

Men can’t resist women with wide hips. It has been like that from an ancient age and it has not changed even till now.  It is like a mystery nobody could understand about wide hips. 

But no matter whether you are a woman with big hips or narrow hips, the most essential part of it is that you love and accept your body. That is the only path to have the true happiness that you want is simply accepting and appreciating who you are. Even if you are going to work on your body to reconfigure into wide hips, you’ll first love your body before anything comes in.

When you love your body the way that it is, nobody can intimidate you or play with your self-esteem back and forth.

However, if you are in the category of women with big hips and sometimes seeing the downside of it, here are a few things you should know.

1. Your hourglass shape attracts men 

sitting down

You should understand that the numbers of men that are chasing or attracted to women with big hips are unimaginable which makes you have an inch above women who don’t have wide hips. Your wide hips are also going to affect the type of men that you’ll date.

There some guys who just want to go out with someone like Aryka Lynne or Kim Kardashian because of their wide hips and curves. 

If your body shape and curves are like that of Kim Kardashian, then you should be assured that many guys are coming for you. For guys like that, they see you as a perfect creature whose body is perfect and ideal and they are just okay with it.

They are so much attracted to that your tiny waist and wide hips. When they look at you, they can’t stop imagining who lucky they are to have you in their life. 

Generally, men just can’t resist women with wide hips. When they look at women with big hips, they feel that they are actually watching a movie on Netflix.

They feel tremendous satisfaction and they will never replace it for anything in this world. 

2. You can’t lose your bodyweight so easily

nice thigh

Women with big hips know what I’m actually saying. It is kind of difficult to lose weight because of all the body fat that is stored in there. 

Women with wide hips won’t have so much fat in their belly because of their bone structure. But it will definitely be difficult for them to burn out some weight. 

Women with wide hips will always have big thighs (the part of the human leg between the hip and the knee) because thighs are an extension of your hips. So Many American women know very well because it’s very close to impossible to always find the right jeans that will fit on them. It becomes a little issue for women with wide hips.

3. Your hormone levels are higher

left foot

When you have wide hips, it is always a sign that estrogen. Estrogen is the female hormone that accumulates in their hips. 

Because of this estrogen hormone, you are known to be more bloated. You also have the tendency to add more weight and you can have problems when moving. 

Haven’t you experienced your ass popping out from the sides of the chairs, the narrow benches, the plastic chairs? Your upper body says, two like you could fit on that sofa but your wide hips don’t lie.

Some doctors confirm that a higher level of estrogen in the body means poorly feeding and not having enough exercise for yourself. 

One of the reasons why you need to move to and fro often. You should walk, jog or run and eat healthily. Don’t just take in what you see, plan your eating habit. Otherwise, all the fat you get will be stored in your hips. 

4. You can give birth more easily


Women with wide hips have been scientifically proven to have easy childbirth. Many doctors have claimed this right. It is all about the wide hips that enable them to have lesser pain and give birth easily compared with women who don’t have wide hips. 

Looking for how to get a wider hips or get rid of it? I recommend this Video:

People call women with wide hips childbearing hips as well. 

This is because women with wide hips give birth much more easily than women with narrow hips. A baby can easily slip through and they won’t even feel anything. 

It doesn’t hurt them like it will hurt someone who doesn’t have wide hips, which is true.

So, if you also have wide hips, you should be happy because there are women who would do anything just to look like you. 

5. You have problems while shopping 

nice body

Generally, women with wide hips always have problems while trying to find the right clothes to buy or wear.

It is sometimes impossible to find the right jeans that will fit you well because of your wide hips. 

Your waist size maybe 30 but thanks to your wide hips, you need a size 34 of denim. Then struggle with belts and alterations. Cocktail dresses are not for you unless you manage to get a flowy one. The same applies to short tops. Why don’t the stylist design hip covering tops? 

It seems like all the clothes were made for skinny girls who don’t have wide hips and it seems you can’t find anything that could fit you. 

Even if you have wide hips like Kim Kardashian, you just hate the fact that you spend hours find the right clothes that fit you. You don’t even know if your shape was a blessing or not.

You need to know that everything in life has another face. When you get an advantage, you’ll also get a disadvantage. But the advantage you will get as a curvy lady is more than what you’ll get as a skinny lady.

6. You are self-conscious because you want the best for yourself

Wide hips

One of the properties of women with wide hips is that they are extremely self-conscious about what they do and do not because they know that so many people is watching.

Most of them will sometimes try to find ways to make their hips smaller but they don’t know it is an advantage for them. 

Some of them always ask themselves: “Why are my hips so wide?” not knowing it makes them pretty attractive. The irony of life is we don’t get to appreciate what we have. We are ever wanting creatures. Imagine a tiny hipped girl who keeps praying for wide hips while a wide-hipped girl keeps complaining about what she has. We don’t really get contented.

The only thing that you will need as a wide hipped girls regularly exercising and eating well.

You will just be so attractive while the rest of the girls will envy to be like you. They’ll come asking you what you did to have wide hips.

7. Leggings look perfect on you


According to what I’ve heard and seen, leggings fit perfectly on women with wide hips. You don’t have to look further for that very thing that was created for you. It’s leggings.

Leggings will actually showcase your hips and your butt which will leave you beautiful and amazing. 

You will become irresistible. You should know that as well. You can see so many eyes on you when you turn around. 

That is a great compliment for you and you should be grateful for being blessed with wide hips like this.

In addition, I will recommend that you should level up your routine with exercise for wide hips, you will have the perfect body that every man admires. 

8. Hipped women are more intelligent

intelligent girl

It is scientifically proven that women with wide hips have high IQ and will reproduce smart kids. You need to know that your wide hips have something to do with your intelligence. According to the research conducted in America, it concluded that the wider hips a woman has, the more intelligent she is. 

Also, there are Omega-3 fats in your hips which can be good for your baby if you are pregnant. Yeah, you have a good tendency for giving birth to smart kids.

Your hip size is a major factor here, even if some people don’t think it is accurate or right. You can always calculate your hips size to know where you stand.

The researchers also never told us the actual measurements of the women they analyzed, only that their hips varied from 28 to 46 centimeters (with an average hip width of 34.6 centimeters.

All you have to do is divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement. 

In any case, your hips are wider than other girls, you can be positive that you can easily pass any exam that comes your way. You have that assurance that you are more intelligent than women with no wide hips. 

9. You will have more sexual partners

Mary Crumpton

Women with big hips are known to have multiple sexual partners. I am not talking about many a one-night stand but rather about longer relationships. In one of my articles, it indicated that Mary Crumpton has a husband, a fiancé, and two boyfriends who all live happily together

How can this be possible? That’s one product of men getting attracted to women with wide hips.

They just can’t afford to lose her so they decided to share and they all agreed. I am not saying that this is right or wrong. But women with wide hips have the tendency of having more sexual partners.

10. You have a small waist all women envy you for that


This is another great benefit that you have when you have wide hips. Your waist immediately looks tinier than it is and that is the reason all tops and gowns look so great on you. You always dressed to kill!

Just know that your body type is perfect and rare because women who have hips like you were considered alluring in Ancient Greece. 

You don’t have to hide your belly because you don’t have a big tummy. You have a very tiny waist and wide hips which makes you perfect.

If luckily, you get to lose some weights, the first place it affects is your stomach. You are always ahead women who don’t have wide hips.

Listen, you are lucky and perfect. You should appreciate what you have that others can kill to get.

11. You have problems with weight loss


Even if you want to lose weight from some parts of your body, you simply can’t.

You will always have big thighs and wide hips. If you lose some weight you should rest assured that it won’t affect those parts of you. I don’t see any problem about this at all.

Since you can still lose weight for other parts of your body, I think you are good to go. Your wide hips are just one that makes you special and ideal. You shouldn’t forget that.

You don’t need to do exercises for wide hips because you are already blessed with them. All dress looks perfect on you and that’s what matters. 

Wherever you show up, you look like a goddess, and men simply can’t resist you. You don’t know how much women spend out there to get the kind of shape that you have. You should be grateful. Period.

12. High-waisted clothes look amazing on you

nicely dressed

Jeans and skirts look amazing on you. Because of your wide hips and tiny waist. Clothes like these are specially produced for you because you look awesome in them.

You’re the one that men can’t take their eyes off but watch. All women would love to have wide hips like you because whenever you get dressed, you simply take everyone’s breath away. 

You should just enjoy the way that you look instead of worry about what you are not. You should be grateful.

13. When you dance, everybody stares at you


It doesn’t matter if you are a good dancer not, everybody just wants to watch when you dance. It really affects men and can’t actually resist.

Your hips will always help you out in occasions like this because they are wide. All you need is very little effort to steal the show. Buff! You just did. 

No movement is small for you because it seems big when you move. It doesn’t matter if it’s just side-by-side. You are really a big deal if you can just appreciate what you have.

Everybody attentions will be stolen in just a while by you. That’s one of your super powers.

14. You can easily make a lot of space around you

many persons

Let’s come down to when you board public transport and it’s like everywhere is taken, you can easily maneuver space for yourself because of your wide hips. Just enter a bus and your hips are going to speak for you or help you out.

Since you have wide hips, people will automatically create space for you to stay.

Which means that you won’t have to squeeze yourself next to someone who probably hasn’t taken a shower that day. 

Your wide hips keep giving you an inch over people. You should be thankful for that.

15. People will be commenting on your hips a lot


Anywhere you show up, you will become the talking matter because “you are the person I want to be like”. Your hips keep becoming the topic of the day whenever you show up.

Some people will badmouth the way you look because you are always over them in everything which makes them envy you more.

Those people who will say they don’t like you are the same people who want to be like you. The only thing they can do is say bad things about you.

But don’t let them get away with that. On the other flip side of it, when a man says he doesn’t like your wide hips, it is all because he admires them a lot which he knows he can’t get.

So, you don’t have to bother yourself when someone or some random guys badmouth you. Sit back and enjoy all the goodies that your wide hips and nice shape bring you.

16. The shape of your body is always trendy


Whether you believe it or not, women’s hips are always trendy, you can Google search that query to confirm if I am saying the truth or not. The woman’s hips are more important than you think. I know you have heard stories, read articles about guys falling in love with a girl’s smile.

The truth behind this is they didn’t just fall in love with your smile, it all includes your wide hips, shape, or booty. It is just their biological drive. 

It is totally okay for a man to explore the body of a woman he is in a relationship with.

Physical intimacy is very important for any relationship to last. It even makes him fall for you more. Your appearance is so important to him.

Your body will always trend no matter what and you should know that.

Men will stick to you like they are glued to you and your wide hips will enchant them just like that. 

If in case you ever hated yourself because of your wide hips, just keep it in mind that it can help you get away with a nice relationship.

17. Short dresses are a pain in the butt

short dress

Even if all kinds of dresses look perfect on you, short ones can create some problems. 

When you have wide hips and you want to wear a short dress, just know that it is not going to end well, which is very good.

Obviously, your dress will keep going up and you will keep bringing it down, like up and down movements. A short skirt is a no for you so don’t go there.

That’s the problem every woman with wide hips has. That’s why you should try to wear long skirts and long dresses because everything will stay in its place then unlike short dresses on you.

Even with that, you are still looking astonishing all the time. You can always wear leggings which is so beautiful on you as well.

18. Some chairs are not your best friends

back pain

Well, when you have wide hips than the rest of the girls, some chairs might not find you suitable for them. Because you won’t be comfortable with them.  

Some chairs that are made today, don’t even look well when a child sits on them not to talk of you with nice wide hips sitting on them. They are just very small.

So, it is no news that women with wide hips won’t be able to force yourself on any type of chair. That can be a challenge for you there. I know it’s kind of frustrating and you might hate your wide hips for that time you were to stand for hours because you didn’t fit in well on the chairs provided.

That can be annoying and you will definitely hate your wide hips for that.

But another good thing is that you can find a better place where you can be convenient and comfortable.

19. Body fat around your hips decreases the possibility of diabetes and heart disease

girl knees down

The exact way you were amazed by how fat around your hips can decrease the possibility of diabetes and heart disease, I was also amazed when I saw it. So, it’s good news for you. Well, instead of all the fat advancing to your stomach, it actually goes to your wide hips and moves away from the heart.

Which makes your heart surrounded by muscles and not some fats. Did you see how lucky you are?

Everything is working well for you even health-wise, you are still ahead.

This is exactly how women with wide hips are protected and they never usually suffer from diabetes or any heart disease. 

It can save their lives and affects the quality of life they are living. I know that you are amazed and happy about having wide hips right now. Smiles.

20. No matter what, you should love your hips

happy people

Irrespective of what people say, what they think, or what you are faced with because of your wide hips, you should love who you are. Everything has pros and cons, so you should know that. The ability of you to accept your imperfections makes you amazing, ideal, and rare.

A lot of people will appreciate what you have right now, so why are you not seeing them?

You get more attraction, attention, and more people around you because they cherish you and admire you.

You even have a self-confidence boost because they are always watching your wide hips.

Let’s come down to clothes that you wear, you even have better options than women with no wide hips. Everything you were is perfect. Even your wit is doing fine because you have a high IQ.

Lastly, I just want you to know that we were all born different. But we should love, embrace, and accept our bodies because those are our temple.

Our body is as important as our mind, so you need to take care of it.

It’s all normal that you won’t be okay with all parts of your body.

But please bear in mind that what you don’t like about yourself are what make you so rare and unique. They differentiate you from others.

If you don’t appreciate your big breasts, just know that there are women out there who are willing to pay for surgeries just to have breasts like yours. 

In case you don’t like your amazing curves and edges, just have it in mind that there are women who go to the gym every day just so they could look exactly like you. You got it without hard work doesn’t mean you should not appreciate it.

If you don’t like your long legs, just know that there are women who would do anything to have long and attractive legs like you. 

If you don’t like your blonde hair, just know that there is someone out there who keeps spending on dye to have that hair color of yours.

It is all in your mind. If you love your body, you will be confident about it. But if you don’t, you will always ask yourself if you are good enough or envy someone out there. It’s not bad to want something. But it’s bad when you don’t appreciate what you already have.

Don’t be wicked. At least, appreciate your body and don’t take it for granted. You will not always be young. Enjoy your look while it lasts.

Our body will transform over time but if you love it, you will accept every change that happens.

Therefore, love your body and take care of it. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you wanted to look like, just appreciate what you look like now.

Love every simple imperfection about yourself because that is what makes you so perfect and ideal.  

That is what makes you who you are. Always remember that.

How to measure hips?

To measure your hips, first, locate your hip bone. The hip is measured by wrapping the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hip, below your hip bone. You would know very well where your buttocks protrude out the most. That is where you should hold your tape for measuring the hip. 

When taking the hip measure make sure that you have your feet together, not wide apart; at least not as wide as your shoulders.

Like stand with feet slightly apart, hold the measuring tape loosely around your hip and the buttocks with just enough space inside to keep one finger inside, keeping the tape parallel to the ground, all around.

In case you have a projecting stomach, which is protruding farther from your hip level, above it, when designing fitting skirts/pants you will have to take that into account into your pattern.

Bust roundWaist roundHip round

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