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Why You Should Not Love Your Ex

You may not have felt great in the company of your ex lately.
However, after the relationship break-up and after spending a few days without them, you feel that they are the love of your life and you will never ever feel happy with anyone else. Being alone can certainly play nasty tricks on you, so you have to avoid the trap of aiming to get back together. You simply need some good reasons not to love you ex.
1. Your ex does not love you anymore.
This is a terrible thing to realize after a relationship break-up, but it is the truth. It is not that they do not recognize that you are a great person. It is just that your former partner’s romantic feelings are gone. Since they do not love you anymore, you certainly would not want to be with them. What is the point in loving someone who does not love you back?
2. Your ex does not deserve you.
Why would you love and want to get back together with someone who wants to get away from all the wonderful things you can give them? If your former partner does not want you, then they do not deserve you.
You can readily find someone who will truly adore you for who you are.
3. You and your ex cannot sustain a healthy relationship together.
You tried and it did not work. You certainly put in a lot of effort in making things work and your former
partner probably did as well. However, there are things that make you incompatible with each other in one way or another. That is why you would not want to go back to a relationship that will not give you the benefits you need and deserve.
4. You have to love yourself above all.
This is an extremely important reason for not loving your ex after the relationship break-up. You are better off without your former partner and if you have at least some self-love you will realize that you have to stay away from them in order to be happy and make all your dreams come true.
Now you know why you should not love your ex and seek reconciliation after a relationship break-up. The important thing is to realize that you can be much happier without them and need to make a plan to move forward after the separation.

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