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Why You Should Go On A Trip With Your Mom Once A While

Flashback to the time when you were a little child who was completely dependent on your parents for money, food, and shelter. And whenever your mother’s birthday came around, the best gift you could give her was probably something you could make with your own hands. Maybe you would have prepared her breakfast in bed or offered to do the dishes after dinner. Maybe you gave her a massage or helped her with the housework.

Either way, I’m sure your mother was grateful for your efforts. Any kind of effort you make to make your mother happy will always be greatly appreciated and rewarded by her. And it was not the difficulty of the gesture you made to yourself. It was more the thought and the importance you attached to these gifts that simply warmed her heart absolutely.

Now you are fully grown up and probably earn your own money at this point. You are now fully capable of giving your mother much more beautiful and expensive gifts. And that is perfectly fine and dandyish. But you still need to understand that no monetary value would ever be able to exceed the time you would choose to spend with her, especially in the last stages of her life.

And that is why this article tries to argue for going on a trip with your mother at least once a year.

You need to get more in touch with each other.
Maybe by that time you already have a family of your own. Or at least you already have a solid group of friends who you can rely on to be there for you whenever you want to travel. You may not necessarily have your mother in mind when you think about possible travel companions for the next adventure you’re going on. However, you should really try to think of them as your travel companions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a really long trip to a faraway country where you’ve both never been before, or a quick weekend trip to a special place. It’s always a nice thing when the two of you join together for an adventure that consists only of the fact that you are both on unfamiliar territory. You never know what opportunities will be offered to you by a journey together.

You will have the chance to really bond and connect with each other. Even after all the years you have spent in each other’s lives, there is always something new you can learn from each other. You should never stop trying to get closer to each other, even as you get older in life. You should never say no to an opportunity to get closer and strengthen the relationship with your mother.

You will both be outside your comfort zones.
Try to think back to the last times you actually interacted with your mother. You have probably last seen her at your home or in a familiar mall or restaurant that you both frequently visit. But when you travel, you are actually forced to make decisions and discoveries together. This forces you to immerse yourself in unfamiliar surroundings – and that’s something the two of you can’t really do together anymore. And there is always a certain intimacy there, when only the two of you are in a place you are not really used to. You will be forced to talk about your plans and timetables for your journey. You will compromise on itineraries and give priority to certain places you need to visit.

You will communicate and work together on this small project. And that’s the kind of collaboration that you both won’t get much more out of.

You will find that the love she felt for you as a child has only grown stronger since then.
Your mother will be ready to go to the places you want to go, even if she is tired and wants to rest. She will be willing to take a hundred different photos of you in the same place because she knows how important it is for you to get the perfect picture. She will make sure that you are well nourished and full of energy as you try to find your way around unknown terrain.

That’s the thing about mothers. They never really stop loving you. And when you travel with her, you have another chance to rediscover the love she feels for you.

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