Why Some Ladies Marry Who They Love And Not Who Is Ready

You know love is a very interesting and beautiful thing. You have a feeling of fluttering butterflies in your stomach when you are in love when I mean butterfly I mean beautiful colors. Love decorates one’s life with happiness and fulfillment.

Does all love lead to marriage? Yes, love does lead to marriage but sweetheart I am sorry to disappoint you not all love leads to marriage. What is marriage? Marriage is the agreement between two persons (a man and woman) coming together as one to ignite unity, peace and enhance more love. Why will I become one with the man I don’t love? Impossible, I have to love him so I can live a crazy and romantic life with him. “He might not actually be ready but I will wait for him” that the tune of love from a lady who is truly in love. You can not forsake your love for someone who is ready and not in love with you.

Maybe, maybe not. Well, that depends on what you want in a marriage or relationship. Some ladies will gladly go for a man who is rich and ready for marriage while some ladies will gladly wait for the man they love, who is still working towards financial success or breakthrough. Anyways, here are some reasons why ladies marry who they love and not who is ready to marry them:

1. The love is way too strong to be broken: you know when you love like crazy, you can’t just break the relationship you guys are having; when you both have gone through a lot together, sharing both pains, happiness and joy together. It’s just like asking me to leave an angel for the devil. Who does that? We’ve had a lot together that has become a part of my life forever.  Breaking up is like death. The bond and chemistry that can only be felt by the two of them alone.

2. Value: when you value someone it can be so impossible to let go whatsoever. It is just like asking me to trade a priceless jewel for a thousand grand. That is definitely impossible. That is why some people never give up on whom they love because they have invested so much on their value and worth and won’t let go whatsoever. Value is like placing a worth on someone or something and no lady wants to lose what they value or precious to them.

3. She sees a bright future: love makes a lady to dream, desire and aspire for lovely things. But let me tell you the real truth, only when you are with the person you love, you achieve everything with ease. There a quote “Hold my hands and I will conquer the whole world”. Because love conquers all. When a lady knows this she sticks to that man and never let him go whatsoever.

4. Longevity: most ladies want to grow old with their partners. It is not new that love grows but it might be difficult to love someone you are not used to from the very start. It might be so difficult for both partners to have a fulfilling marriage which might later lead to a divorce. You are not advised under any condition to marry a man you do not love all because of money and material things.

5. Understanding suffers: Marrying someone who doesn’t know anything about you is very dangerous. Someone who doesn’t know how to understand you, someone who doesn’t know the meanings to the tone of your voice and how to interpret every one of them. It will lead to conflicts and misunderstandings all the time.

6. Hidden Behavior: you won’t get to know everything about him. When you marry a stranger who doesn’t love you, all in the name of material things you might suffer for it. He might be violent in nature – someone who beats his wife and maltreats her. You don’t really get to know his true colors. You shouldn’t marry the person you don’t love because of anything.

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