Why It Is So Difficult To Settle Lover’s Quarrel

Anything that makes lovers fight can be a very big thing, at times it could be very small (extraneous). Everything that happens in a relationship depends on the pace of understanding. The way you understand what your partner is really saying or thinking. I used to tell lovers never to get married until they understand each other to the peak. The truth is, at times partners have to fight to understand and love each other more. So, I want you to know that fight in any relationship is not meant to put an end to it but rather makes it stronger. This is not where we are heading for today. Today we want to discuss reasons why it can be so difficult to settle a lover’s quarrel.

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When they started their relationship, you weren’t there. Therefore, making it so difficult to solve their issues. You do not really know what ground they started on.


Some lovers promised each other not to let outsiders have a brink of their love lives even their extended families do not know about their world of love. They do not really want you to get involved in their lives.

#3 – SIDES

You do not have the right to support any of the partners. You might end up destroying the relationship if you take sides. And the truth is, it is so difficult to settle a lover’s fight without taking sides.


The truth is, someone lovers, tend to hide whatsoever their partner had done so that they won’t end up in disgrace. They do not want anyone to disrespect their lovers. That is why they are keeping the flaws and imperfections of their better half. Mostly, all lovers will prefer to hide their lovers of any form of shame as a result of what they’ve done that caused the fight and that is how it should be.

#5 – LOVE

If you truly love your partner, you will never let anyone come in between you both. It doesn’t matter, whatsoever the reason might be. Love overcomes all things. In the end, they forgive each other and love each other more if it is true love.

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