Why I Cheated On My Husband.

Relationship is very beautiful when it’s been worked on the two sides of a coin. When you get loved back by the person whom you love. However, things can grow from better to worse when someone out of the two persons involved stops working or investing in the relationship.
Now, I’m going to tell you why I cheated on my husband. I hope you learn from this article.

Why I Cheated On My Husband.

1. He became so busy

Whenever I needed him, he doesn’t have my time. Either he is busy with his phone or with his friends. My Hubby’s companion became his phone and friends. When I told him about it, he never took my words seriously.

2. He comes home late

He became so workaholic. He got used to his job that he comes late home. He even goes to work on Weekends. He got not even a little time for me and I got jealous of his occupation. He made me a lonely person while I became the only energy for our relationship. I would wake up at night to cry because I was frustrated. He won’t even hear the sounds of my voice because he is extremely stressed out working all day.

3. He leaves me at home for days

He would go for conferences, dinners, and parties without me. At times, he would go for days without even looking back on me at home. When I needed him most, he wasn’t there for me.

4. He goes cold

The man I married changed. He would reject me when I make romantic advances. He wasn’t the person I used to know. Maybe he got tired of me. But he was never the same person I said yes to.

5. He would yell at me

My Hubby was known for his cool and encouraging tone when I knew him. He changed all of a sudden. And I miss my man. The man that I knew would never yell at me. Most times, I blamed myself for marrying him. But it doesn’t change the fact that I love him.

6. He doesn’t cuddle me

He doesn’t hold me the way he used to do anymore. It was like I was married to a total stranger who I was getting to know. He doesn’t cuddle me anymore. I miss him every time even when he is with me.

7. He becomes different

If you haven’t gotten married, please be very careful. Don’t marry because you were desperate. Because whatever your relationship was built on would come to play sooner or later. You will always get to know the real person that you got married to.

Though my deed wasn’t justifiable I hate my marriage. Cheating is bad and evil. Please, don’t do it.

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