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When Your Partner Doesn’t Trust You

Oh baby let’s go out I’m almost done yeah no worries be nice just to go out for a coffee or something oh I’m just gonna put to the bar from the back inside right yes sure you get a decaf back in a second one who’s this Hey no someone was texting you and your phone while you’re looking through my phone well why are you texting someone else she’s a friend from work why are you looking through my phone for stuff because you’re texting someone else I’m asking you who are you texting anyone there’s nothing going on why are you looking through my phone right so are you gonna tell me who she is or there’s nothing going on just what are you talking about what kind of a relationship is this and you don’t need to tell me you’ve been serious right now well yeah it’s ridiculous enjoy your tea hey J yeah she she thinks I’m chatting to other girls I think James is talking someone else know what not is literally nothing going on that’s a thing I think he really likes talking to I mean we’re out and he was texting her it’s just a friend at work I just hope it’s not got too far I don’t know what it is I don’t know if there’s something that I’m doing that maybe she’s feeling insecure about or something that I need to do better or you know maybe I’m just overreacting and it’s nothing at all first of all Katie I just want you to know that everything you thought James was up to there’s no truth in it at all he wasn’t talking to anyone else he wasn’t seeing anyone else and he wasn’t even thinking of anyone else it’s incredible how all of us in our current relationships project experiences from the past whether it’s been interactions people situations that we’ve been through before we start creating that reality again and those insecurities of the past start mirroring our reality today and we all experience this at different stages of our life we all experience insecurities in work relationships friendships and even family and when that happens we let our insecurities completely destroy something amazing something that has so much potential something that is free from all the negativity that we had before but we’re still carrying it with us today and the truth is if we have insecurities or we have doubts it’s okay to voice them it’s just about voicing them in the right way when you choose to attack or accuse someone it immediately puts them on the defensive it scares the other person away especially when they haven’t done something wrong but if we can approach these situations with maturity being conscious being aware and discussing them in a proper sense sharing how we feel then we allow the other person to come with sense Timothy we allow the other person to help us through this challenge and one thing also I want you to know James is that it’s really important that you’re not giving her any reason to feel insecure often we just behave in our ways just as we were out of relationships even when we are in one and the truth is that things change things evolve and so it’s really important for you to be conscious and aware that you’re not feeding that insecurity don’t let insecurities ruin something amazing

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