When You Should Quit A Bad Relationship?

Not all relationships are meant to last for life. Oh yes! That is the truth. Not all relationships work out the way that we want them to be. You need to accept this concept. If it hits you that you are not with the ˜right person’ you should quit instead of wasting your tangible time on something that is not there and won’t be there. Leveraging on my past experiences and learnings I have listed out the signs of any bad relationships. If you find out that one of these signs match your present relationship, then you should find your leave out of the relationship.

1. Not Feeling Worthy:

You are created beautiful and you feel exactly like that. If you feel worthless in a relationship then there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t leave the relationship. If you are not appreciated by your partner then they are not worthy to be with you, there’s no point staying with that kind of person. Remember! Never and never settle for less.

2. Little or No Passion:

You don’t just have to be comfortable with your partner, you need to be passionate as well. If at all one of you both isn’t passionate in the relationship, then there’s no point wasting time with this person because it won’t work out.

3. Abusive Relationship:

Abuse of any kind shouldn’t be accepted by you in your relationship. Be it mental, emotional, or physical abuse is not acceptable in any relationship. You need to be with someone who cares for you and treats you well. Stay with a person who respects you. Don’t let anyone hits you because you love them. Maintain your stand to be treated the right way that you deserve.

4. He Wants To Change You From Who You Are:

There’s no point in the first place to be with someone who doesn’t love you for you. You deserve to be loved the way that you are. And that is very important in any relationship. If you notice that your partner wants to change you, it’s a simple indication that you aren’t loved the way that you are. A relationship that will last of course needs little patching, compromise, and change in habit but doesn’t mean you don’t accept the whole of the other person’s life. Love is said to be unconditional. You shouldn’t be changed into a new personality to be loved. The person that won’t love you for you will never love you when you change from who you are to something else. Maybe it’s time to get yourself out of the relationship.

5. Unworthy Excuses:

….”We have been together for a long time now”, it doesn’t matter how long you both have been together, don’t try to force yourself into anyone’s life just because you’ve been together for a long time. Don’t give stupid excuses to remain in a relationship if it’s actually not working out. You need to have a genuine relationship to be with someone. If there’s no good answer, then you should quit.

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