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What You Should Know About Forgiveness In Relationship

At times, it can get up to a point where it seems so difficult to forgive your partner. That which he or she has done seems so unforgivable and you do not know if you can actually forgive or let go. You even wept over the issue because it hurts you so badly and you didn’t expect that he or she could have ever done that whatsoever! You hate him or her for what has been done. But what if I’m a little bit against the fact that you are not even thinking of forgiving him or her. Aside from that, you both are lovers, I want you to always remember that your partner is not perfect but only trying their best to make it work. Irrespective of what he or she has done requires a second thought. Ask yourself what if, he or she was going through a hard time that I didn’t even notice and led them to do what they have done. The fact that you reacted to what has been done might also be a result of misinterpretation to what you heard (you have to be careful whenever you hear something concerning your partner especially concerning his or her past). Okay! Let me help you, have you ever had a thought of the worst thing your partner can do and you will never forgive him or her? Let me list the possible things you are probably thinking of right now: infidelity, or probably he or she hits you, what else? These two elements are counted to be unforgivable common things your better half could do to you. What if I say none of these things is outside your fault; you are also a reason why he or she could possibly hurt you. He or she wasn’t blind when they fall in love with you, so, tell me why he or she has decided to hurt you all of a sudden, if not that you are also the cause. But unfortunately, that is not where I am heading to right now. I received an email today concerning the issue of forgiveness, the question was, how do I forgive my husband? He cheated on me but I still love him so much.

The answer can be like do not forgive him no matter what, just forget it because he is a goner. But that is not true if in case someone has told you that. I want to tell you confidently that he still loves you so much and right now he must be mad at himself for stooping so low. The best way to forgive him is to forgive him; you have to let it go, you have to count yourself in as an element that allowed him to cheat. Probably you have ceased something about yourself, you have changed from what he fell in love with or maybe you stopped doing what you normally do to make him love you more or you have stopped giving him attention or maybe you pushed him away or maybe…. many maybes. He shouldn’t have cheated on you, I understand your plight but what if he is not as strong as someone who could resist temptation during the depression? What if he was seduced when he needed you most and you pushed him away? The fact is that you found out that he cheated on you when you have his time. Many things might cause him to cheat on you, in which we have had a little guess. But if you will agree with me and trace where you have changed, you will easily find what went wrong. Something can not happen without anything happening. But all the same, let us move forward, the deed has been done. If you truly love him, if you truly love her, you will easily forgive and let it go. Always remember that we are humans and we are not perfect. To humans is err but with God is perfection. Fight for your love, forgive and forget, find out what went wrong and fix it, let the devil be envious of your great love that is indestructible, undying, unbreakable, and unflinching. Become the best example for lovers and not the worst scenario for them. The best way to prove your uniqueness and rareness is forgiveness in the real world and in your relationship.

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