What to know BEFORE you transition




Alot of young ladies are going back to their natural hair for different reasons, probably ’cause they are tired of relaxing or ’cause their hair is just too stubborn. Whatever the reason, I can guarantee you that you are making the right decision.
Firstly, you don’t have to cut out all your hair completely. Some people think if you don’t cut off all your hair then it’s not truly natural, that’s a big LIE. You CAN transition without cutting out your hair, just let your hair grow and with regular trims you are good to go.
Secondly, you DO NOT have to always be on your hair. Yes it’s true, natural hair required all the attention you can give it but it’s never a do or die affair, if you can treat it once a week or three times in two weeks that’s also enough. Just be consistent.
Thirdly, natural hair is very tiring and exhaustive to be honest, so if you want to do it, do it because you want to not for peer pressure or any other reason.
Next, be ready to buy all sorts of shampoo, conditioner and a whole LOT of other things just to maintain this hair. Natural hair has it’s own special products because alot of (unnatural) chemicals are added to regular hair products. So just have that in mind.
Next, Natural hair breaks alot, especially at that transitioning stage. Natural hair comes off when you comb it, some people will tell you it’s not a must you comb it but you really need to comb it sometimes and it will break alot, alot dear ALOT.
*(I hope you are taking notes)*
Next, you have to understand that natural hair has it’s own state of *mind* and doesn’t require alot of manipulation. Your hair might be 4c, 4B, 3c, short, long, thin, whatever it is you will have to accept it the way it is and let it be.
Finally, patience. Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is not a day’s job. You have to be patient with your hair, relax and calm down, your hair will get there eventually but you’ll have to love what it is at the moment

So once you understand these, you’ll be ready to transition and trust me you’ll definitely love your hair however it turns out.

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