What Does It Mean When She Says “I Appreciate You”?

When she says that she appreciates you, it’s always going to be so much more than how it initially seems. What does it mean when she says “I appreciate you”?

The meaning isn’t always going to be so precise or distinct. You aren’t still going to be able to feel what she’s trying to portray in her message towards you. But that’s okay. There’s a certain ambiguity in what she’s saying. After all, we can never take words at face value these days.

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But again, what does it mean when she says “I appreciate you”? Well, this is what it means.

It just goes to show that she’s paying attention to the details and that she isn’t taking you for granted.

If she says that she appreciates you, it means that the woman is taking notice of all the ways that she adds value to your life.

What Does It Mean When A Woman Says “I Appreciate You”?

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When she tells you that she appreciates you, then you can bet that she’s a woman who understands the effort that you put into the relationship that you have with her.

It means that she isn’t going to be someone who is just going to use you and abuse you.

You always have to be appreciative of a woman who isn’t out to manipulate you and capitalize on whatever you might have to offer you.

If she tells you that she appreciates you, it means that she is genuinely grateful for everything that you do. It means that she doesn’t feel entitled to be treated the way that you treat her.

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Once you find a woman who tells you that she appreciates you, then you should learn to appreciate her too. She is a rarity. A woman like her is a real gem. A woman like that is tough to come by, and you should never discount the kind of value that she can add to your life. A woman who knows how to be appreciative is someone who would be willing to reciprocate that effort.

Additional Meaning

“I appreciate you” is a wonderful term of affection, but it does seem a little bit vague. The meaning, however, is exactly as intended. They appreciate you for what you do for them, or how you make them feel in the relationship that you both share. If you appreciate them, say it back.

They appreciate and sincerely grateful for your friendship, your loyalty, your generosity, kind words, or love, whatever it is you are doing in this relationship. There is an affection for the way you make them feel.

Appreciation may accompany with love, but may not precisely mean it. I may say this to a close friend who I love and treasure that helps me without asking whenever I need help. I may also tell someone who is pushing themselves to me and showers me with so many gifts that I appreciate them.

This may or may not indicate that I have reciprocal feelings for them. It just means I recognize they are giving their all, whether I have the passion, impulse, or ability to return the tokens of affection.

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Sometimes we don’t tell people enough how we feel, sometimes we can’t. There may be circumstances beyond the other person’s knowledge as to what is happening in our life. As long as you are willing to give without strings attached, there will always be those who appreciate you. Not everyone will tell you though. Not every relationship feels equal on both sides of the equation. However, someone who expresses their appreciation respects your efforts and wants you to know this.

Although “I appreciate you” did not express more feelings on their end, it did not hurt feelings on yours.

Never give with the expectation to get. Never hold what you choose to do freely for someone over their head if they don’t return favors as expected. Be yourself and enjoy being appreciated. The fact that you are appreciated be enough for you. If you do not feel as appreciated, and your expectations not being fulfilled, then it is your decision what to do on your end.

Pay attention to more than words. Don’t let your expectations get in the way. Let your relationships unfold naturally, and don’t force them, or rush them. Above all, be honest, and maintain open communication.

There is nothing wrong with asking for the same. If you feel you need to know where a relationship stands with a romantic interest, there is no harm in expressing your confusion to clarify the ambiguity.

It is either forward, backward, or holding pattern. If the answer remains ambiguous, then you got part of your answer, not forward.

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