Ways to avoid having a toxic relationship

Most relationships turn out to be toxic overtime. A toxic relationship affects the people involved negatively and fixing the relationship will not be easy but it’s possible. It’s just better to make sure your relationship doesn’t get to a stage where both of you can’t stand being around each other. Some people will not value relationships but a toxic relationship can be bad for one’s mental health and no one else can fix the relationship but the people actually involved in it.
How do you know your relationship is toxic?, Let me quickly brief that:

* Frequent Arguments; This is the major sign that a relationship is going downhill.

*Lack Of Trust: Once both partners don’t trust each other, it means the relationship is lacking. It might not even necessarily be from both sides, when one person lacks trust in the other, something is wrong and it should be checked.

*Frequent Lies: When one party is found giving out lies frequently or saying things they don’t mean the relationship is seriously lacking.

*Lack of communication: If both sides don’t talk to each other like they use to or like they should then something is lost.

*Lack of understanding: When people involved always misunderstand each other, it means there is probably lack of trust and something has definitely gone wrong.

Now back to why we are here.

So how do you avoid having a toxic relationship? I’ll give you the most important ways and this can work for any type of relationship/couple:

*Firstly, honesty. This is very important, you have to be honest to yourself and to your partner. No one likes a lying partner, if you are fond of lying, STOP IT. How can you stop lying to your partner? Truth is, if you are lying or if you’ll have to lie to your partner then you should probably not be doing it anyways, it’s better to avoid whatever it is that will make you lie to your partner than for you to do that wrong thing and then lie about it……that’s double hurting and how would you feel if you were the one?

*Secondly, be empathetic. Without empathy, love cannot work, no matter how you try. If your partner is hurting and you don’t see it as a deal and you act like it’s not, that’s just wrong. Different people handle different things differently, so try to just show you care ’cause that’s what love is.

*Next. if there is an issue, instead of arguing about it, you should talk about it lightly. Don’t say things you shouldn’t say or you don’t mean. If you are angry, leave the room, get some air, have some juice but never speak or act in anger, it always ends badly.

*Also, spend time with each other!!! I know everyone’s grown up and trying to make something of their lives but this very important. If you don’t do this something will always feel out of place

*Be understanding. Just understand that person, don’t always get offended at every slight mistake, that alone is toxic. Just relax and be in control of your feelings

*Do you still actually have feelings for this person? Ask yourself this because it is very important. You can’t show feelings that aren’t even there.

*Communication. This is also very important. If you feel wronged, tell your partner, don’t pile up dark and unhealthy feelings. If you are not happy, say it. If you feel something is wrong, say it. I’m such a ‘communication’ person, I can’t be with someone I can’t communicate with or express myself to.

*Next, you need to learn to be forgiving because people are not perfect and they will surely wrong you, so you’ll just have to be grudge-less and happy. Forgive that person, not because they deserve it, but for your own peace of mind and inner happiness.

*Lastly, Pray. Pray for your partner, pray about your relationship. Ask for understanding, ask for wisdom. God needs to be involved in it if it matters enough to you.

These are the most basic ways to avoid a toxic relationship. Your relationship DOES NOT have to be toxic, there are healthy relationships out there and yours can be one of them if you’ll get everything together.

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