(Very Simple) Make The Difference Now

Those things that you measured or see as simple and common are the greatest things you can do to make a difference. If everyone sees those things as simple and common, then no one is virtually doing those things. Only very little might have a second thought.

Love can be mysterious and pleasant and even sad and hazardous, the truth is that it can mar and make a man. When you are in love, everything counts. You don’t have to buy Lamborghini to show her how much you love her, sweet can make the difference. The funniest thing about love is that she might choose a person who buys her sweet to a person who buys her Lamborghini (I am talking about true love, not in material-wise).

No one has control over whom to love or not, the only thing we can do is pretend in which at the end hurt us even more and deeper. YES! You have no power to decide whom your heart wants or not. So, as a man who is in love with someone and she is not reciprocating or returning the favor by loving you back, I want you to know that it’s not her fault. She has no power to decide over her heart. She only has control over her mind, thoughts, but not her feelings. And I want you to know that the simplest thing you will do might make her love you as the decision is not hers but for her heart.

Don’t be someone else to make her want you, she might end up hating you even more. Don’t do things you categorized as big things to impress her, she will spend your money and dumb you eventually. The truth is that she is simply not in love with you but wants to spend your money. Yeah! I know there are situations where a woman says YES to a man because of his money. The truth is this “if the marriage goes well, they have something in common; might be their goals or dreams or even behavior, the love grows but not for everyone (in your own case, you might not be as lucky as the subject in this scenario, they might be compatible somehow)”. The word LUCK is not for everyone. Do not try to marry because of wealth.

You have to do everything to make a difference when true love is concerned. True love will never die. Be the difference and stop impressing anyone to like you, if she doesn’t like your real self, she will never like your fake self. 

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