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Things You Get To Learn After Quitting A Relationship With The Wrong Person

    What have you learned so far?

So many of us have been with the wrong person some points in time in our relationship. Some have been together several years while some have been together not that long before they get to know that the person in the picture is not right for them. Everything you pass through can actually be a form of learning, we should braise ourselves that those unfavorable bad experiences we go through are the ones that teach us the basic and greatest lessons of life.  At times being with the wrong person can be divine to prepare you for the right person. Being with the wrong person doesn’t mean that the person is bad but in essence, the compatibility is not just there which makes them bad for you. You also need to understand that those experiences are opportunities for you to grow stronger, wiser and more cautious but it’s now your choice to paint an experience negative. Whatever you call it, subconsciously you’ve learned from it and that’s your gain at the end of the day. I’ve carefully labeled out some important lessons we learn for being with the wrong person below.   So here are the things: The fact that you are with the wrong person can make you know more about those things that are unacceptable for you. When you are with the wrong person in a relationship you tend to see those things that get you annoyed easily or those things that make you unhappy. It will give you a clear view of what you want in your life.  

This type of experience will make you choose your partner according to your likes and dislikes; someone who understands you to an extent. You wouldn’t want to experiment with your emotions for years before finally marrying the right person.  Meeting a new person who portrays those habits you’ve flagged as unwanted in your life is an indicator for you to let go. Some women tend to prolong a relationship so that they can find all the good and bad points of their partner before they make the decision to quit or stay, but who has that time? Wouldn’t it be better for you to figure out what you want? And go for you to decide to let go or stay with no hesitation is now your own decision. The earlier the better for the both of you, don’t hurt anyone so badly with your decision.  

Those things you want:

It will make you realize those things you truly want deeply and dearly. That is why being with the wrong person is not all that bad, it’s also a platform for discovery; it brings out what you want for yourself in your next relationship.  If in the next relationship your new partner portrays the right proportion of care and love that you want, you can decide to move on with the relationship but if otherwise, you need to make it clear and quit. Don’t waste your time and this person’s time. Time will only make it more disastrous if finally, you want to move on. You don’t need to idealize or formulate an idea that someone or something is bad for you, at least getting to know what you want will be of great advantage.  

Things you need to learn to bend or compromise on:

This is a point that is making it clear for you to work on yourself. As you don’t want to be treated badly, others also feel the need for that; no one wants to be treated the wrong way. At times, the problem is with us in the relationship and not our partner. If this is the case, you need to work on yourself instead of making it look as if someone is bad for you. Maybe it’s time you do some works on yourself. A relationship can never work without some compromise, rigidness might not survive in a successful relationship. On our own side, maybe it’s time to realize the need to learn to inconvenience ourselves for the sake of our partner’s happiness instead of accusing them of being selfish. Relationships might not work with a one-way approach.  It is not easy to accept your wrong in a relationship but if you do then it is the best decision towards a healthy relationship. Quitting a relationship with the wrong person can help you realize where you have been wrong as well and the need not repeat the same mistake in your next relationship and where your ex-partner was wrong.  

Giving yourself the right amount of attention and time:

You tend to discover your worth and value in a wrong relationship. Either you see yourself being superior or inferior, in the end, you get the actual value of yourself. Getting out of a wrong relationship can be so tiring and difficult but you need to do it. So that everyone will be happy.  People experience different changes after quitting a wrong relationship, you can share your own experiences and things that you learned in a wrong relationship.

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