The Super Jealous Trait Won’t Make Him Or Her Cheat But Will Hurt You

You will not know somethings exist in you until you want to settle down and get married. You find yourself so much in love with this man or lady that you cannot even afford them to have a good straight conversation with their opposite sex anywhere or over the phone. If care is not taken, you might end up destroying the relationship that you both have. I want to make some things clear on the issue of being Jealous. Jealousy is not a sin, it’s not bad at all, in fact it’s one of the most essential indicator that a person will not cheat on his or her better half but if it is too much it might cause havoc in a relationship. Because you find yourself inconveniencing, hurting or harming your partner at the end. You don’t even want him or her to step out of the house because you think he or she would end up cheating on you. When it’s too much it breaks everything apart ; it breaks trust, love and sincerity. The person you love so much becomes the person you hurt unknowingly out of impatience and insecurity. You want to spend all time with your better half which is stalking and your better half might get tired of you which is true at the end. I want to patiently slot “HOW TO REDUCE JEALOUS TRAIT, SO THAT I WILL NOT END UP HURTING MY BETTER HALF.” in this article because that’s all what matters.
Learn to exercise patience with all diligence. When you are patient with your partner everything will be fine even when you are jealous. You will never think of raising your voice or hurting him or her. In the end he or she will still talk about everything to you if you are PATIENT enough. He or she will tell you about his or her new friends, admirers or wooers if you are patient enough. Don’t rush, everything is okay!
Find something to do. You won’t even see those things in the first place when you are so busy enough. Those phones calls, checking his or her chats will not occur to you in the first place when you have too much of tight schedules.
Whenever you feel too jealous, talk it out to someone. It might be your dad, your mum or an elder that has once been in your shoes. They will know the best things you can do to eradicate those feelings.
Whenever you see something, don’t ask. It’s better to be jealous without letting your better half find out than to make them find out. It gives them more authority over the relationship. You give them more powers to control your feelings and you don’t want that to happen. Find a way of not letting your better half find out whenever you are jealous. It’s better to deal with it alone. At times being jealous can be equal to weakness especially when you are the man of the relationship. If you let him or her to know it might not favor you in the end.


Having discussed a glimpse on this in #2, I still find a reason to buttress more on this point because it is mandatory.
Do not stoop so low to the extent of checking out your partner’s conversations, messages or even calls. It belittles your standard and value, you do not want that to happen. Because at the end it’s a shame on you! He or she would conclude within that you are weak and have a lot of trust issues…


The best way to deal with jealousy is ignore, ignore again and again till it is ignored. It’s better not to focus on those energy than to dwell in them. It weakens love and promotes virtual hatred for the person you don’t even know: you start to hate the person he or she conversed with over the phone or social media. The best way is to ignore it all. Do as if you do not care, plant virtual carelessness when it comes to his or her phone calls and messages.
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