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The Spiritual Powers Within You

We spend our lives looking for happiness and contentment by striving to achieve success in the material world, believing that this is our only reality.
Searching for fulfillment we try to find our satisfaction in external things: money, alcohol, career, relationships, food, sex, workouts, designer clothes… you name it!

I don’t need to tell you that this approach doesn’t work.
However, gorgeous the man or woman, the shoes, the Belgian chocolates… they cannot do it for us (at least not for long). So, what exactly is it that is missing from these experiences?

Of course, we are living in a physical world and we have material wants and needs, but we are also so much more. Between the emotional peaks and trough lies another path that leads to a strong sense of inner awareness, trust, creativity, and intuition. This is where we discover the peace and serenity of our own spirituality. When you find yourself having that ‘there must be more to life than this’ feeling, you are right: what you see with your eyes is not all that you get.

We understand and interpret our lives through the energies of our minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions. For example, our mind creates mental energy, which gives us the experience of thinking. The table below shows how each of our faculties creates a different kind of energy and provides a different element of our total experience.

Type of EnergyExperience
Mind MentalThinking
Body Physical Doing
Emotions EmotionalFeeling
Spirit SpiritualConnecting

We are all pretty good at thinking, having been taught by a society that elevates the importance of the mind. Doing is also something we know a lot about: we can run about moving stuff around the universe all day! Our ability to know and express our feelings is sometimes a bit trickier because we have a lot of mixed-up ideas about our emotions (for example we might believe that showing our feelings is a weakness or we might hide emotions which we think we shouldn’t be feeling). And as for connecting with our spirituality, well, this is certainly not something we were instructed in at school.

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