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The Picture of A Girl Who Dates With No Expectations

It’s very okay and better to have expectations before going into a relationship. But at times, the best thing to do is to let go of all your expectations and see the situation exactly the way it is in real life. It is very healthy to learn to manage your expectations in the relationship. However, it is very unusual to let go of all our expectations completely. If you want to know what it looks like to date without having any expectations then you are in the right place.  

1. You tend to have more fun.

You are going to end up having so much fun in the end. Because there won’t be too much pressure and energy to date, you will not be subjected to stress. All because your mind is at rest and not reacting like your whole life depends on it. You should enjoy yourself as well.  

2. You don’t really get to stress over where the relationship is heading

You will not stress yourself over whether things are going the way that you want it or not. You tend not to feel so concerned if your partner sees you in his or her future or not. Since you don’t have any high expectations attached to the relationship. When you find yourself dating with no expectations then you will just have to live based on the moment that you find yourself. There won’t be a need to think over where the relationship is going to.  

3. Little or no pressure on yourself.

You are definitely going to be avoiding so much anxiety by not expecting so much from your partner. You just let everything go freely and steadily in a very calm manner.  

4. You will not be romanticizing anything. 

You are just going to see a relationship for what it’s actually is. Most of the time, too many expectations can end to you having “rose-colored” lenses out of desperation. And you do not really have to worry about it when you do not have high expectations with you as you are dating someone.  

5. You are opened to more opportunities.

Dating without any expectations can earn you so many possibilities. You will not be trying so hard to build up yourself to a particular relationship type. You are willingly ready to explore new opportunities and be able to deal with unfamiliar situations just to find love.  

6. It’s so easy to move on.

It is easier to let go of a relationship when you didn’t even expect so much from it in the first place. If actually the relationship doesn’t go the way that you want it, it’s so easy for you to move on.  

7. It is so easier to decide.

You won’t even need to brood yourself before you come to a definite decision. There’s won’t be a need for overthinking. When you expect so much from a relationship, you might land yourself in an indecisive position – the situation whereby you invest so much of your thoughts to meet up some certain expectations.  

8. There won’t be a need to give up your own standards for the relationship.

There’s a misconception about dating without expectations, most people think it’s dating without any standard attached. And that is not true at all. You should at least uphold certain standards. But you don’t need to expect anyone to meet up with your standards.  

9. You will get a sense of fulfillment in yourself.

If you do not put any expectations on your dating life, it is easier to find a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and commitment. You won’t have to sense meaning in your dating life. Because you would be able to find that in yourself whether you are in a happy relationship or not.  

10. The past won’t have the power to weigh you down.

Your past won’t have any power over your present. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had bad relationships in the past. It simply won’t affect you at all.

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