The difference between a player and a man forever

“A player will do everything he can to make you feel comfortable with him until he realizes that you’re not exactly his cup of tea.”
Always be careful with a player. He’ll do everything he can to differentiate himself from the rest. He’ll be irresistibly attractive, and he’ll do everything in his power to win a girl’s affection. He’ll make subtle gestures with his hands, send provocative signals with his eyes. He’ll definitely stand out from the crowd and do everything he can to get you to look at him.
A player will be a perfect gentleman when you start for the first time. He will meticulously plan the best and most exciting dates with you. Offer to pay the bill. He will do all he can to defend the principles of cavalry and the culture of Knights. He’ll never walk in front of you. He’ll walk by your side and take your hand if you let him. He’ll keep the door open for you and offer you his jacket when you’re cold. He will tell you that you are an amazing person and that you have captivated him in a way that no one has ever done. He will deliver his romantic statements in such credible ways. You’ll end up falling madly for him too. He will bathe you with the greatest compliments and the most scandalous promises. The worst part is you’re really gonna believe him. That is your first error.
You’ll end up developing a deep connection with him. You’ll start to feel more comfortable with him and open yourself up more willingly. You find yourself thinking about him over and over again over long periods of the day. He manages to give you those butterflies in your stomach. You will fly as high as a kite. It’ll make you feel like you can touch the clouds. You’ll find a great euphoria at the idea of finally finding someone to treat you the way you always wanted to be treated. Finally you will have the opportunity to be with the man of your dreams; Only now he’s the man in your real life. You will trust him with all your heart and you will feel that he will never betray you.
Things will all be fine and dandy. Things will always flow smoothly until they don’t. He’ll change, and you better believe it. Everything will collapse in the blink of an eye and there’s nothing you can do to stop the emotional avalanche you’re about to experience.
A player will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable with him until he realizes that you are not exactly his cup of tea. It will make you feel a lot of happiness and joy until I discover that I no longer find happiness in you. He’ll taste you and eat you. He will woo you and melt you. He’ll do all the right things for you until he comes to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it anymore. A player will enter into a relationship based on his own personal selfish desires. This is also the same way it will end and come out of relationships. He will not take into account the devastation that will fall upon you. A player will shun a commitment to anyone because they are only committed to themselves.
On the other side of the spectrum, there are the boys forever. These usual guys won’t be as flashy or as elaborate as their player counterparts. They’ll be more subtle in their approach. They’re wall flowers they like to watch before they act. They’ll be shy, and they tend to get away from attention. He will not be great with his romantic statements, nor will he be ostentatious with his gestures. He’s not pretentious, and he doesn’t really expect anything in return. He’s not the kind of person who will immediately make things right the first time. It’ll be awkward and he won’t know what to do for the most part. He will act out of impulse and let his feelings guide his way into your heart. He will let emotions take over and surrender to what he feels for you.
You will doubt at first because the child of always will be a new phenomenon for you. At this moment, you will be guarded and hesitant. You don’t want to dive into anything yet because of what the player did to you. You don’t want to open up to emotional manipulation anymore and you don’t want to get hurt.
However, little by little, the child will always open the way to the center of your heart. Will not quickly in a short period of time. He’ll wait for you. He’ll express his patience because he knows you deserve it. He’s not sure you’ll ever consider it, but he knows you risk getting hurt. He’s the one who will treat you the way you’ve always deserved to be treated, but not necessarily the way you thought.
The most important thing is that the child will forever hold his hand and never let go

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