The 7 Best Ways To Flirt With Someone Successfully – Scientist Proofs

“Flirt” can be so difficult for some set of people while it’s on the contrary to others – it might not get to come to you naturally. In fact, you might always feel awkward and actually so much anxiety-ish. You might struggle to find the right words and ways to flirt with someone. When you feel you’ve been able to move a mountain, there are still 50% chances that you are not going to get any result from it.  But you need to understand that you can downright have your way around flirting with anyone. After all, any kind of social communication can be rooted in human psychology. Just undiluted scientific principles; it simply means that there are some principles scientifically proven that you can use as your approach towards the idea of flirting with someone. Relationship scientists have proven that effective ways to approach flirting with someone that you are romantically interested in. You don’t have to be experienced to be able to approach flirting the appropriate way. You just have to start somewhere. And you are not always going to be guaranteed a positive result. The real thing is that you are going to have to experience every ins and outs yourself and learn from them. Here are some guides to help you with flirting the right way:

1. Eye contact

Science has proven that people are more trust-worthy whenever they maintain eye-contact in a conversation. So, in essence, if you want anyone to trust you, you are going to have to look them in the eyes during a conversation with them. Let them know that you are trustworthy and sincere about them.

2. Get physical.

Don’t be afraid to be discreet and gentle with the person you are interested in. Try as much as you can to get physical with them. Don’t force it in an aggressive way. Use the soft and gentle approach. Stay calm, positive and don’t expect much.

3. Have light fun

You don’t want to look too serious and desperate, which is why you have to make it fun and light. You only try to get serious when the relationship gets deeper. You want to look approachable-ish and fun-filled. That’s how it’s going to work.

4. Sincerity and Being Genuine

Always try to be true with them. You don’t want to force a personality on yourself to make them like you, it will only turn the table against you because impersonation is a crime in romance and even in real life. You don’t try so hard to impress anyone, just be who you are. Don’t feel uncomfortable and unnatural. I know you want to put in the best but it’s not a do or die thing. Don’t look desperate.

5. Humor

You are definitely going to be fun to be with if you show your sense of humor. Studies have proven that people get a lot more comfortable with those who make them laugh.

6. Show genuine interest.

Show that you are truly interested in them. You need to allow them to dig you and know you better. Because all that matters is being comfortable and free with one another.

7. Compliments

Use compliments to get the best of them. Use your words bravely, it is going to go deeper if they are well placed. Raise their egos. Studies have proven that we always want to be around those who compliment us frequently. It’s definitely going to make them happy and want to spend more time with you.

FINALLY, Not everyone is going to have the same reaction towards you with these approaches. We have our differences and that’s why there’s no definite way to flirting. What works for B might go so wrong for A. Just try all the above approaches, before you reach the 6-7th approach, you should be able to see pleasant results.

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