The 5 Relationship Mind Rules

Do you know that your love life is not determined by your Heart? Everything that has ever happened to you in your relationship doesn’t emanate from your heart. The mind is the non-material substance or set of processes in which consciousness, feeling, thinking, and will are based (according to the dictionary). The heart holds the emotional part of our relationship or love life. The heart doesn’t determine what you think of your partner, so, would you agree with me that the master planner of any relationship is the Mind, would you agree with me that the heart controls how well you treat your partner, it controls the amount of care you give in but doesn’t determine the connection between you and your partner.

Wouldn’t it be better to give a lot of concentration to the mind than the heart? Traditionally, people think that the heart controls the entire relationship, I will put it to your face right now and say NO! If the heart controls the relationship we wouldn’t be having a lot of heartbreaks, we won’t have too much of divorces, we won’t have these much pains in our relationships. The mind is the master planner and the great giant behind any successful marital life or relationship, the mind deals with “How well you have prepared for your love life, marriage or relationship, the mind deals with “What you know about the relationship and how well you deal with it”. The mind cares a lot about your heart as well. We have totally forgotten about the mind, we don’t even think of its relevance when we speak of relationships. We have learned a lot, we have read a lot of books about the relationship and it’s so creepy to find out that the more we read and learn about marriage and relationships, the more we have more unsuccessful marriages and relationships. Very little knowledge about the operations of the mind, very little know how it works. The mind takes control of our lives, it is the aftermath of every relationship or marital life.

The mind doesn’t deal with the physical alone, it deals with the spiritual aspect as well and that is why humans are so powerful. Things being altered physically can also be altered in the spiritual realm with speed and without fail.
Do your marriage seems as if it’s not working? Is your relationship going astray? Don’t worry, I am going to proceed by telling you how you should handle your mind for a better reality or result.

The mind is a very active and patient state of any living human, it doesn’t know NO! the mind listens to everything you are teaching it and it is recording your life events, so, why am I saying these? Learn patience, the earlier the better. Okay, let me say this “what if I am patient? What if I am not? The result is very clear as you can see for yourself because your impatience would destroy everything in a little time including your relationship because your mind would keep playing your impatient self for you and you will keep acting it out to your partner. You won’t know how it happens, because you would have slapped your partner, you would have destroyed the wedding pictures, you would have turned yourself into a big liar because you would have swallowed your promise that “you won’t raise your voice on him/her”. Be careful, your mind is a big learner, whatever you ingest into it would come to play sooner or later and the result would be great, be it negative or positive.

What do I mean by this? Don’t let your emotions control you, what you feel is based on where you are part-time. The heart is not a good decision-maker, because it wasn’t made to make a decision for us. The heart would help you have compassion, the heart would let you be biased because it will favor one to the other, it would favor what it feels most. Don’t let your heart decide for you no matter what the circumstance might be. Use your mind, it doesn’t favor one to the other, it gives out justice based on the extreme end of your knowledge if you haven’t corrupted your mind. Whatever decision you want to make, the mind is always there to help you throughout your marital life.

The mind doesn’t work alone, the source of your mind is God. Not because God created the mind, but because God is a spirit being and the mind is connected to the spiritual world. The connection between your mind and God is indestructible, and there is nothing you can do about either you take it or leave it be. You have to believe in God, the mind can’t stand alone to function well, it needs confidence which the source is God. You can call what I’m saying anything you want it but it’s not a philosophy! Your relationship needs the real function of your Mind, the Heart would keep failing you until you start to think beyond mere falling in love. The relationship between humans is beyond mere feelings, your marriage might not work until you understand and come to realize that God created you with a very powerful mind, not just with that heart.
Falling in love is just the work of your heart, but sustaining the Love is the masterwork of the mind. 

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