Submissive Women Are the Best.


According to the dictionary, SUBMISSIVENESS is the quality of being submissive which is synonymous with obedience, compliance, submission, meekness, etc. But, my point of emphasis today is obedience. No matter how perfect looking you are or attractive, you might find it difficult to enjoy a long-lasting relationship with the absence of SUBMISSIVENESS. Every man out there wants a woman that obeys and respects them. It is difficult to successfully separate obedience and respect as both work hand in hand. As it is very difficult to continue to buy things for a son or daughter who is disobedient in terms of instruction and likes so it is for a woman who is not submissive to her partner. God has placed men in the position of being the head in the relationship and not even you can take that place. To be able to successfully enjoy marriage, after love, SUBMISSIVENESS is the next criterion on the list. Have you ever asked yourself if you are submissive or not?
Sure! Men will admire your sexy body but will never want to settle down with a woman that shows a high level of disobedience. I am not saying that your man should be authoritative or something over you but to a certain level try to obey your man diligently. You both should come together and make good decisions toward a promising future. To be frank and sincere with you “submissive women are nothing but the best”. They have the best morals and support. There’s no complete wife material or Good mother criteria without having SUBMISSIVENESS in the list. A certain percentage of men will choose a submissive woman to an attractive woman because she will not give them too many problems now and in the future.


1. Super obedient traits
2. Trustworthy
3. High level of understanding
4. Self- trained and reliance
5. Super caring traits
6. Peacemaker
7. Good Motherly traits
8. She finds it hard to lie
9. Super economical 

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