Social media love in our world.

 Love on social media is sometimes exciting, that feeling of
inquisitiveness that you’ve met with someone new, the most beautiful part is
that you have not yet met with the person, but this does not really matter.

As for the guy, he feels he has met a very gorgeous damsel
and can’t wait to meet her, his eyes are so blinded by the pictures he has
The girl may think she has met with Mr right, this is
because of those sweet words and self uplifting that the guy has done over the
But little do we know that many of these things are not what
they seem to be. As lies could be told because you would not be seeing the

Also, there is no way of verifying whether you are chatting
with the person whom you see a picture of or what condition the person is in.


I don’t dispute the fact that true could be found online,
but how true can that love be?

You have never met that person you claim to love.
In the case of a relationship, how can you really love
someone whom you know so little about?

Is intimacy not part of the process of falling in Love?
Yes you can meet someone on Facebook, meet up, fall in love,
and get married, sure we all have heard or seen such things happen.
But here’s the order

#1 Meet online

#2 Hold relationship talks

#3 Meet in person

#4 Fall in love and

#5 Marry each other.

That’s just how it is, or how it should be, but sometimes we
get so carried away by the fun on social media.
Another thing is that, you can easily move on from an heart
break inflicted by an online partner, since you both have never met and never
had any ‘alone time’ the affection would not be much, so it would take not more
than a week or two to forget such.

There are many dating apps available now but to get
connected with real people is very difficult mostly because of imposters
pretending to be whom they are not, in a quest to defraud people.
Love in its fullness could be found online, but with much
patient and care.

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