Should All Relationships Lead to Marriage?

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to marriage and relationships, but whether a relationship is supposed to lead to marriage or not will totally depend on those that are involved in it.
If you truly love someone and you’re ready to date them, then you should also be ready for marriage with him/her too.
Normally the reason for a relationship is supposed to be for the sake of familiarity with your supposed future spouse, but it has been turned into another prospect. [post_ads]
You can date now for just about any reasons; sex, companionship, loneliness, love, etc. so, relationships tend to be an interim affair now, you just date for a short while for the very pleasure it brings, so also,  many relationships has led to marriage, not because that’s how it was, but because of few efforts put in by both partners to flourish the affair. If you want to date someone because of sex, then that is surely not fair, or because you want to prove to your friends that you can also get a real partner, then you are not being fair, as there are real people out there that are in for a live long relationship.
Personally, I believe that you should only be open to date those to whom you feel you can marry, and this in turn will reflect on the right age for it. At a point in time, this marriage and serious relationship stuff does not matter to us at all, especially during our teenage times. But for those who have a slight sense of responsibility, age comes with wisdom,  so they begin to make plans and find a suitable partner.
Honestly, there is no need for a relationship that has no destination, it has lost it’s purpose, and then one of the both partners begin to expect too much, which may not be in the mind of the other partner. That high expectation that you will spend the rest of your life with that person can really hurt if it does not pull through.
But truth must be told, if you rush into it (marriage) you may likely rush out of it too, so it pays to study your partner for long before going into holy matrimony with him/her.
If the person you’re dating is not interested in marrying you, then I think you are in the wrong place.

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