Reasons Why Your Man Keeps Lying

Men tell lies because of a lot of reasons in which I’m going to discuss a few of them in detail. The question is why do men tell lies to their partner?  


I am not saying it is a good thing to tell lies to your partner but at times the truth is that she cannot bear to hear the truth. That all a man could think about is saving his relationship first before anything else even when it doesn’t last but for the moment it will at least save a lot of arguments.  


Your man might continue to lie to you if he doesn’t trust you. He might continue to hide who he really is till he finds a genuine reason to trust you. He might continue to lie to you if your pasts still reflect in the present; how do I mean? If, everything you said you’d stopped or promised to stop still comes up in you. He might find every reasons not to open up to you.  

#3. TEST

When a man gets serious with his relationship; how do I mean? When he wants to settle down. He tends to give some kind of test to the lady in the picture that he wants to settle down with. The reason behind this test can be anything, but the rampant one is to know the depth of the love they both share. Therefore, he finds every opportunity to see if she passes it or fails it. He doesn’t want to settle for less, he might have been a player in the field and had met different girls. In short, the purpose of this test is not to fall victim to the kind of ladies he had met in the past.


Your man will continue to lie to you if he is a cheat and doesn’t want to lose you. He doesn’t want you to find out about his side chicks therefore making or gathering all efforts to cover up. He hides everything about his social life and whenever you ask he doesn’t have a genuine reason behind it. He might be a player and not a lover.  


Men find it easier to lie when they are definitely not in love. It is easier to lie to someone who is forcing her self on you than someone you cherish and love so much because you have to do a lot to make it work. So, if your man doesn’t show you so much love and you have caught him lying several times, he is not in love with you. The thing is if he finds a replacement, he is a goner.  

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