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Real Men Don’t Give Up When Going After The Women They Love

Real men are dedicated men. They understand that in order to realize their dreams and life’s desires, they must dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to what their heart desires.

For those of us men who are deeply romantic at heart, we may spend a large part of our lives trying to find the woman we love and with whom we can spend the rest of our lives. Love can be a disturbing experience, especially when it does not go our way. And our sex is a proud one; one that refuses to accept defeat or heartache. We do not like our feelings to overwhelm us, and this fuels our tendency to retreat. We remain hesitant and skeptical when it comes to the girl of our dreams because we don’t want to get into another mess.

What you need to understand is that real men, even if they abhor heartache, are willing to go after the women they love. They strive to succeed in love and romance because they understand their own feelings and their fatherly needs to care for others.

The mark of a true man is his ability to make decisions in difficult times. And the decision to fall in love is indeed a difficult one, but one should not be discouraged by it. You are a man of all ages, a true gentleman who meets modern standards of chivalry and is ready to plunge into the treacherous waters of romance.

1. Real men realize how lucky they really are

Real men understand that shared love is not a privilege granted to all, and when the opportunity presents itself, they never waste it. A real man knows that if he gets the chance to fall in love with a wonderful girl, he should not be so stupid as to turn away from his happiness. Not all men are given the chance to fall in love with great women who can return that love. Real men always make the most of the happiness that is given to them. If you are given the chance to grab the girl of your dreams, you never let go.

2. Real men are afraid of loss

It is foolish for men to think that they must constantly pretend that they do not feel emotions or that they are immune to pain. Real men have complete faith in acknowledging their own vulnerability. Real men are also willing to admit that they are afraid of losing the one they really love. A real man is independent and can take care of himself, but he knows that losing the love of his life could possibly break him. True men understand the fear and fight like hell so that their fears never come true. Yes, the relationship might not work out in the end and you might lose her in the end, but it would have been better than never having had her at all.

3. Real men are not afraid to let their wives know how much they are needed.

Real men are independent and do not need other people to help them affirm their value in life. But as much as we all want to be strong men, the truth lies in the saying that no man is an island. We all need companionship, and what better form of companionship is there than the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with forever? If you are a real man, let your lady know how much you need her to lighten the dreariness of your everyday life. Let her know how much color she adds to your black and white perspectives. Let her know that you cannot imagine life without her at your side and that your successes will be meaningless without her.

4. Real men are not afraid of commitments

Real men are dedicated. They understand that in order to realize their dreams and life’s desires, they must dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to what their heart desires. This principle of commitment also applies to the world of love. When they find the girl of their dreams, they know that they must commit themselves to this girl. They remain faithful to her and give her all the love, care, and attention she needs because that is what it takes to make this love work.

5. Real men give the world to their women

A real man always wants to satisfy every desire that his wife can bear. Real men know that their lovely ladies are queens and deserve to be treated like queens. Real men put the needs and desires of their ladies above their own because they know that a happy wife can lead to a happy life.

6. Real men do not delay love

Real men can’t find excuses not to fall in love. They do not blame their career, finances, or social situation for delaying love. Real men are not afraid to fall in love, no matter what the situation, because they realize that love is a gift and it would be a sin to waste a gift.

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