(Proven Ways) Masturbation Is Biblical


According to the dictionary : Manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner.   Some say masturbation is the safest sexual activity out there. Another question goes thus; wouldn’t it be better to masturbate than commit fornication or adultery? Or wouldn’t it be better to do it in prevention of some deadly infections like STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases). But I am not here to support the act of indulgence that involves masturbation. The truth is that whatever you do will surely have a side effect which will make me say this “Too much of a good thing is bad especially when pleasure is considered”. Masturbation has serious side effect against the body, mind and the spirit (all the components of a man). Masturbation is an unhealthy sexual behavior that affects the spirit being of a man. I addressed masturbation as an advanced lust against “the self”. Jesus also condemned lust in the book of Matthew 5:28(NIV version) You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery. But I tell you that anyone who has looked at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.



You forget things a lot, even things that you just did are forgotten quickly. You forget virtually everything and begin to forget yourself if continually done.  


Your thinking style reduces drastically. The funniest part is that you know it yourself what’s affecting you but the pleasure won’t make you stop.  


You becomes sad and inactive throughout the entire day.  


You become weak. You begin to have severe back pains here and there. Your walking, sleeping and sitting styles are affected as well.  


Your wit deteriorates dramatically and the worst part is that your talking style are affected. You find it hard to talk reasonably. Your thoughts becomes stupid and irrelevant eventually.  


The truth about masturbation is that you become depressed eventually. You trade your happiness for 1minute pleasure. Depression can cause death if the mental strength of the victim is low.  


Pleasure causes addiction and forever bondage. People feel so much pleasure when doing it and they tend to forget one of the prominent side effect, that you find it hard to leave it when you are no more interested in the act. It becomes a part of you the bad way.  


It enslaves the mind. You becomes socially affected. The way you look at opposite sex are affected because all you think about is sex and their nudity. The mind becomes stagnated and remorseful.  


You becomes a slave to pornography as well. With time you would need to watch naked pictures or porn videos to enhance your indulgence in masturbation. The truth is that masturbation grows in the mind with process and becomes worst. It grows to the act of rape and other unacceptable behaviors.


You use a lot of your energy when indulging in masturbation. You use most of your memories and power to enjoy more of it. One of the side effects is that you become sick and inactively stupid.   If you are addicted or in the act already and want to stop, continue with the following.  


You find it difficult to masturbate if you see yourself like a king. It will be difficult to stoop so low to indulge in the disgraceful act.


The truth about addiction is that you cannot destroy them but you can only replace them. Learning something new can go along way because you will not have time to think about masturbating when you are busy enjoying the new thing you are learning.  


Try everything to avoid being alone. Whenever you are alone doing nothing you will find every reasons to do it because stupid thoughts will start to come to your mind. The funniest part is that you feel more lonely and depressed after doing it.  


At a certain percentage, nakedness affects the human brain negatively and even have a certain side effect in the human behavior. To be able to avoid masturbation, avoid pornography or pictures that can arouse you sexually.   I hope you find this article helpful. God loves you, I love you. 

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