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PART 2: Things You Need To Be The Perfect Wife.

In the Last post, I said that you can’t actually be perfect but try to be perfect. My husband will always say to me “you are the best”, Then now I realized this and want to tell you, don’t really be perfect, just be the best for your husband.
Let’s continue with steps on how to be the best for your husband;
Today I am going to discuss: the style of dress, words of affirmation, gift, and sex.


How do you dress? What is your style of dressing? Do you still dress like you are not married? Or do you dress like an old woman? Come to think of it, what style of dressing does your hubby like? And do you actually dress like that?
A wife has to have a sense of dressing in her matrimonial home. There are different types of dressing:

#3 – NIGHT WEARS e.t.c.
Now let me give you the tips.
If you and your husband are going on an event, maybe a friend’s gathering, a birthday, get together, baby shower and lots more, so far it’s just you and your husband, this is the way you should dress; you should put on a nice long gown or event shot, but it should cover the sensitive part of your body, your breast, the stomach should not show, because if you dress otherwise, other men might look at you seductively and which your husband will never appreciate. Don’t dress like you are going to the clubhouse, NO! Your dressing show, be sweet and presentable.

Now, don’t also dress like an old woman whatsoever, your husband wouldn’t appreciate that too, use your accessories, make people talk about your jewelry, your simple look, your nice shoe. You need to make your husband proud of you anytime you both go out.


this kind of dressing is for you and your husband, how do I mean? It is an indoor dress and not meant for people to see except your husband. It is a type of dress that seduces your husband. Look sexy for your husband as possible as you can, make him go crazy for you. Let him rush from his office home just because he wants to see his sexy wife. Sexy dress dresses you put on to make your hubby happy, to appease him when he is angry, and to call him to the mood.


sexy dress and nightwear work hand in hand. What do you wear before sleeping? You should not put on your clothes while sleeping, my dear wife, please sleep half-naked, make your husband unable to resist you.


This is one of the things our husband loves most. Make him feel like a king, tell him sweet words like “You are my man, you are the best, I Love you and lots more”. This part is also needed for your husband when he is in distress or when something weighs him down. You need romantic, sweet, and encouraging words to make him feel better.


Yeah, this is another important aspect. You should be able to choose and get him the right gift for the mood. Make it a surprise, he will love you more.

#9 – SEX

This is your husband’s second food. Most men love sex. You have to be flexible enough when it comes to sex, even when you do not want it, do it for him.
Don’t make him go hungry for sex so that he won’t get it elsewhere. Satisfy your hubby well when it comes to sex.

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