No Discipline in Love.

There’s nothing like discipline when you are dealing with your partner. You will always break it if you are truly in love. A time will come when you will need to lie to make him or her happy and at rest. You know your partner’s weaknesses: there are some things he or she cannot take whatsoever, it will always remain a nightmare to them. In some scenarios, you will need to adjust your personality to be able to live peacefully with your other half. When you are too rigid or disciplined you find yourself breaking the law of love and relationship.
True love doesn’t really have any long association with discipline. You should be able to adapt to any situation for the sake of love. There shouldn’t be something you cannot do for the person you love if it’s true. Love conquers all things not excluding one at all. Love alone is not enough to paddle the boat of your love to it’s determined destination(s).

You can say I cannot eat that type of food when you are single but it is not acceptable when you are married or in a relationship leading to somewhere great.
You cannot say I won’t change what I have said, for the sake of love you should be ready to retract whatsoever.
You should be ready to adjust for him or her. As long as you both are fine and together, nothing should be impossible to do.
Love is one big phenomenon that requires wisdom, knowledge, and a certain understanding of facets that will help it to grow and not fall. 

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