Never Let Go, Even When They Say NO.

Your family might be against your relationship, your friends might be saying otherwise. How do you intend to fight for your better half that he or she is the right person you want to be with for the rest of your life? Are you the coward that gives up so easily? Are you the type that is so calm to let go easily even if you would suffer for it? come one! Be that person who can do anything for the person he or she loves. I understand that the fight might be hard, I understand what you are seeing, that they might neglect or desert you or stop supporting you. If you take your stand, they will succumb eventually. The question is how do I properly go about it? I don’t want to lose anyone.


Tell them how much you love him or her. Insist upon the fact that you cannot let go no matter what. You have to let them know that you are not perfect without him or her. You do not have to cry because your decision is final. Only if you want it to be decided for you, but when you insist, nothing changes.


If you don’t isolate yourself from people who do not support your relationship, sooner or later their beliefs might become yours as well and you might end up deserting your partner for good. You have to take your stand, do not mingle with them anymore. Spend more time with your partner instead, make it glaring that no one can put asunder in between you both. By doing so, you are giving them a direct indicator and making your relationship stronger.


It will not be an easy task in executing your plans to make your relationship work. You have to prove them wrong that you both won’t give up the fight no matter what. It is never their decision to make in the first place, the decision to be with the person you love should not change no matter what. If there is an agreement between you and your partner nobody can break you both.

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