Never be in a hurry to say ‘I love you’

Sometimes rushing into something without first observing it in an all-round way is a very dangerous thing to do, especially when that thing is love.   Yeah, it is often said that when you love someone, just walk up to her and tell her about it before it becomes too late, really? Becomes too late? I don’t think so. When love is involved, it is better it is late than for you to fall into wrong hands, its only players who do not care about such things because they are just getting into a temporary relationship for the sake of some benefits. But you who is looking to find something that looks like true love shouldn’t be that fast to make a heart confession, why?   First, sit back and check if the person you like also have a little likeness for you too, or at least if she notices you. You know, we may like someone and the person may not even notice us, not because we are so uncool or probably ugly, no. They may not be interested in us for little or no reason at all.    Saying I love you to a person whom you both have been in friendship for long, could end up in jeopardy, as she may have already developed trust for you in a friendly way,  or may even love someone else which you may know of, but still insistent on telling her what you feel.   First, check if this person is in a relationship or already in love with someone else before you tell them and then get the rejection of your life that could possibly leave you depressed. Don’t get the feeling that you can’t be rejected, maybe because you feel that you’re too handsome, cool, or rich to be resisted, of course, this may be true, but it has absolutely nothing to do with true love, as even poor and uncool people still find love. This love thing is so strange to the extent that, you may be more good looking than whom she likes but she prefers him, don’t know why.   First, analyze everything and make sure you really are in love before saying anything to her. Heart feelings can be crafty sometimes.   Then make sure you say something after everything is already in place,  as a delay at this time could be dangerous. 

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