3 Quickest Ways To Escape Friendzone

Many men/guys have complained about the almighty and mysterious friend-zone tragedy, sorry to say. You meet with a lady with no hidden agenda, but with time, things changed and you decided to take your ball into the next rounds or level.

Buff! you just got friend-zoned. She had already got this impression of you being just a friend she won’t see you as someone more than that.

You never wanted a relationship from the start, but along the line, you got dug and fell in love. I’ve received a lot of complaints on our Facebook page on how the got handicapped on a spot with the lady/woman they wanted to be with. She already met with someone because it’s too late.

There might be chances that she has been showing you for a while some indicators that she wants to be more, but you wouldn’t see it because you didn’t see the next page of the chapter at that time until she decided to see someone else. Now, to cut all the blah blah blah talks off, let me go ahead to help you out. It’s too late to complain and you won’t regret reading this article today.

3 Quickest Ways To Escape Friendzone

1. Don’t rush the process

It’s very advisable to go very steady, but at the same time do not go too slowly. You are not the only one who sees her as a woman. You need a plan and processes. Align your strategy if you already have her as a friend.

Having her as your friend has given you an inch than just a mere stranger she’s just met with because you know her for her. Use what she likes for her and not against her, but you can call it anything you want.

Just do what she likes and avoid what she dislikes is on one of the greatest weapons, but don’t overdo it. Be careful, you need to have a say and a point as well.

Don’t just go for a Yes every time she brings up something. Have a stand and mean it. Be the man of yourself and let her know it.

2. First Impression

Many times, the best thing to do is to create a kind of good impression. On the first day of seeing someone, make the best use of the first-day impression because you never knew what will happen later on.

Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans, you know? Don’t just frown up or behave so formally. Be free because what happens on the first day is what you build on forever.

Be careful on the very first day. What you want is what you should start on. Don’t fake anything on the starting point. Very important.

3. What For The Ripe Time

When to have a shot is also very important. That time, make sure it’s ripe to table your heart desire. I used to get upset a lot: Why does a relationship always have to be based on the female side’s decision?

But cheers, after that decision, you are going to be the man afterward. So that’s a good serving on both ends anyway.

Whatever you do, just know that what is yours will never elude you. Don’t feel bad when something isn’t going your way. Be the man to face any situation.

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