Mysterious love properties you don’t know.

In this world, a lot of things works in the opposite of what we think. Don’t think the world of love is excluded. I will be showing you some shocking facts you don’t know below.

1. If you can survive without your phone with only your partner for 10 days, you truly love him/her.

2. If you love your partner for no reason, you were never in love with him/her.

3. If you can kiss your partner when you are upset, deep down from your heart, you are so much in love and will never raise your voice on him/her.

4. A glass cup of water can save your relationship.

5. One minute silence can save your relationship.

6. If you do every single thing your partner wants, get ready for infidelity. One of you will cheat.

7. If you become ill because your partner broke up or divorce you, you were never in love with him/her. You were only scared to be alone and you were only afraid that you won’t get what he/she normally does again.

8. If you tell your partner that you can’t live without him/her, you are big liar.

9. If “I will break up with you” is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever your partner offends you, you won’t be the one to end the relationship. Your partner will be the one to leave you.

Disclaimer: Be careful, be sincere. Less emotions, big love, works perfect.

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