Money And Love

Money! Money!  The importance of money in a relationship cannot be over emphasized.

Yes, money is the root of all evil, but money also is the means of getting just about anything.
We would be lying to ourselves if we say money is not important in a love relationship, many would say “Love conquers all” yeah that’s true, but it cannot conquer the need for cash!!
If you interrogate 100 single men about why they are still single and unmarried, you would agree that at least 60 of them will give reasons that features money.
No it’s not a coincident, money is very important.
Before as you go into a relationship, you would agree that money is part of the things you consider, it’s so easy for two lovers to fight because of money.
There are some facts about money and love
1. Even if it is evident that you are broke, there comes a time when you’re forced to give financial assistance to your partner.
2. It is so easy for lovers to fight about money.
3. As a man, it is common that you’re considered to be the financial pillar of the affair.
Now this is what most men are scared of “unwanted responsibilities” , but truth is, before you get into a relationship, you must be financially stable. Especially if you want to get married and have kids someday, like I said “importance of money in a relationship cannot be over emphasized” [post_ads]
3. Wives have cheated and done horrible things just because their husbands are not capable enough to handle the financial side of the relationship. Even husbands too, it’s not only a one sided thing, today we see that some women are the bread winner of the home, not because that’s how it’s supposed to be.
4. It is very important to take your partner on a treat sometimes, as girls mostly crave for such. Not because they are cheap or abnormal, it’s just another way of making the relationship more fun.
What kind of a relationship would it be if you can’t even take her out on her birthday or on Valentine’s day. Or maybe get her a gift.
The truth is that, even if you don’t do it, she may not complain but that does not mean that she does not want or feel the need to.
5. Man! You’re not going to be happy with seeing your woman go through stress and suffering just because you don’t have money. It may hit your pride so bad, or may cause depression, cause you start to feel as if you’re useless.
6. Money is the means of good communication,  it is not safe strange thing that you have to call your woman on a daily basis. You know what you need here in Nigeria to do that?  Recharge card.
7. I don’t need your money she says. That’s just another placebo that makes you feel the “not-so-real-way”
8. Money is another bare necessity when it comes to love and relationships.
So what I’m saying is that, there is no complete relationship/Love that does not need finance.
But it should not be taken as do or die affair, as there can be understanding between couples.

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