MASTERY: Super Working Tricks To Ask Her Out And Get a YES.

Technology has protected many men up till now, what they do best is chat the lady they want to be with over the internet, ask her out on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. and wait patiently for the reply, but this is not the best way to ask a lady out, it is better done both with face-to-face and through the internet. As sticking to just a means might limit your chances to get her to say YES. If you are really so determined to end up with that lady, why not take your chance now and try some old things in some brand-new ways? It would be better not to depend solely on the internet. Let’s get back to business. The question is what are those things I need to work with to attain the girl of my dream with a pure and sincere motive?


After several thoughts of going for what you want, you finally
summoned the courage to go for it, after several trials over the net and it seems
not working, you need to face her in person. The very first thing you need to develop is your confidence. For you to talk fluently without missing words or landing on saying gibberish, all you need to build is your confidence if you are not sure of yourself yet. Let me get something across to you, I want you to know that everyone on earth gets nervous as far as you are humans it might be inevitable. For the fact that you approached her, she is nervous as well but she is so wise not to let you notice and that is normal. So, everyone feels the way you feel but the way we get our way through it might be different. The confidence is there, it is just that you are so in love and do not want to make a mistake. Ladies love confident guys, be confident as possible as you can. 


If you are too serious with it, you might end up losing and destroying everything. As far as getting that dream girl of yours is concerned, do not take it seriously. Be as free as possible as you can. Do not shake over things that are meant to be laughed on. Don’t get on do or die business, it doesn’t work that way. Have you noticed how playboys get everything they want? Because they do not take it seriously, they see it as fun. I am not telling you to become a playboy or start making fun of it, all I am saying is that you should not take it too seriously as anything might come out of it. what if she disapproves, would you kill yourself? I think you now get what I am trying to say.


Be as unpredictable as possible as you can. Do not let her know what next you have in plan, let it meet her unaware. Get her to love you steadily. Your next move should be known to you alone. She should not have any idea about what you are thinking, put her in the dark with your thoughts as this will make you unique to her. Let her wonder how interesting you are with your thoughts and actions. Do her like an action film.


Be different as possible as you can because many guys are desperate over her already and you don’t want to be inline with those desperate guys.

Do not go after her in a hurry. Go steady instead, you should never show any
signs of being desperate to have her to yourself as this might limit your chances of getting her. Generally, desperate people are known to be dangerous. You do not want to look so dangerous to her, someone who can do harm to get what they want. Whatsoever, do not be desperate in the execution of your plans in getting her.

Be patient, do the right thing at the right time. It is weird to start calling her over the phone at midnight, she might not pick the phone and it is bad for progress, and as well as you end up showing her how desperate you are. She might end up distancing herself from you and you do not want that to happen.


Always show signs of innermost peace. Let her know that you are happy as a person with or without anyone’s support. Everyone wants to associate with happy people, that is how it works. Laugh and smile, always put on a smiling face as possible as you can. It will increase your chance of getting her to be closer to you. She will automatically associate. As you cannot love anyone without loving yourself, you cannot make anyone happy if you are not happy yourself. You have to work on these things concerning yourself before you can successfully get her and get her to stay with you forever.


Buy her gift, give it to her, and see if she takes it from you. If she does, she already knows about how you feel towards her if you have successfully done #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 correctly. Make sure you choose the right gift wisely, as it will navigate your way through the process.


When it comes to ladies, putting them in the dark is another technique you can use to get her to say YES. Don’t go straight to the point, navigate by beating around the bush, make her stay awake and think about you, make her guess before you put her through, it works like a good medication. And finally, tell her the secret, what is the secret? The fact that you really and truly want to be with her and want to be a part of her life.  


1. TEXT HER Send her text messages, ask her if she is good, you can also
ask things like, have you eaten? Or say things like “Make sure you take care of
yourself”, etc.

2. BE SMART She wants to be with someone who is smarter than her; she
might be the type that does not want to associate with someone who is not as
smart as she is. Think ahead of her, let her know you are a big thinker if you

3. BE THERE Always be there for her, help her out. Sacrifice your time
and conveniences to help her get something done. It will make her know you
value her and will also make her trust you and believe in your words, as you
cannot convince her if she doesn’t trust you in the first place. Be there and
make her trust you.  

4. BE STRONG Be strong enough to accept whatever her reply might be if
it is a NO, it is not the end. Some girls tend to do that purposely out of
their real mind, she might purposely be testing you to know how strong you are.
Don’t worry, you have to show her you are doing good all the same. She will
appreciate the kind of person you are and want to know more about you at the
end. Don’t show that you are down because she said no, as that might show to
her that you are weak. If you show her that you are weak she will only show you
pity and not love anymore. Be wise, don’t let your emotions take over you and
scare what you want away from you.

Trust me on this and you will surely get a YES.

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