Make Him Or Her Remember You All-Time

No one wants to be forgotten irrespective of the status we are, we all want to be remembered especially for lovers. You always strive to make sure he or she remembers you all time. The truth is if he or she begins to forget you when he or she begins to have no feelings of your presence whatsoever, you are probably going on probation in their heart; the undying love might be dead eventually. You do not want that to happen to you. If she stops talking about you, if he stops thinking of you, there is a probability of someone interference in your relationship i.e. someone else might be taking over from you. As this makes lovers do everything to keep themselves alive in the heart of their lover. If we should look at the lives of celebrity; they will remain to be a celebrity in as much as you remember and talk about them but immediately you stop they drop from being your favorite celebrity. Now let us go straight down to the relationship itself.

Not a single day without you, not a single day without saying things like “I want to be with you always”. There are many things that can make your partner forget you in which some of those things are: lose of attraction, little or no communication, love lost, etc. but today we are going to discuss the main things to do to avoid being forgotten by one’s partner or lover.



Communication is a very essential element of what keeps the relationship alive, it gives your partner some kind of reassurance and stabilizes the relationship itself. communication can as well remove all doubts and eventually make the relationship stronger. What am I saying in essence? For you to keep yourself alive in your partner’s heart, you have to make use of effective communication. Don’t expect him to call you when you have all the time already, take the first step, and do the calling. Talk as much as you can. If you both are not far away from each other, you can easily go to see him or her. Do not let your communication lag behind whatsoever.


For you to attain that level that you want, you have to be his or her best friend. Being just lovers is not enough to sustain the durability of you both together. You have to make him or her as comfortable as possible as you can. Make sure he or she is always happy whenever you both are together. You know what best friends do, do more if you can, and see how you plant a mighty you inside of them forever.

 #3 – BE THERE

Be always there whenever he or she needs you the most. You can only choose who not to be forgotten in times of hardship. At times you do not necessarily choose them but they are chosen by your heart because of what they have done to you either negative or positive. You do not want your half to remember you over negative matters, so you have to make sure you are doing the right thing. You need to support your partner so much, always show signs of care as well, and be there to help when needed.

#4 – GO OUT

You have to go out together. What you are after is creating a good memory to be remembered. The question is, why will I remember someone who doesn’t appear in my memory, someone who is no or less important? You need to be active when choosing the right things to be remembered for. Be romantic as possible as you can and be real too. Do everything that matches your personality. He or she knows when you are faking it, as it appears to them that you are up to something. Your good mind might end up looking fishy and questionable.

#5 – BE REAL

Most of the time, people are being remembered for their uniqueness. No one remembers those with fake lives, they are forgotten eventually. You have to be so real with your partner. Do not copy anyone’s lifestyle, be the host of your own personality.
As long as you keep the attraction on, your partner will never forget you.

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