Make Him Beg You Without Saying a Word

For success to be achieved in any relationship, one of the parties needs to succumb to the other, you cannot say you are on your right. It doesn’t make any sense to form rights for your better half. You need to be the fool for love if you want it to work. One has to be cold when getting upset. Most especially for the female, it is easier for you to accept compare to the male who is said to be the head. It is your responsibility to keep safe your home and take care of your hubby. So at times, he might not be the one to succumb easily. But how can you make him guilty when he does something wrong? There are several ways to Conquer him when you surrender or when you are submissive and he will end up begging you in the end. But how do I go about it? That is why I simply write up this article to help you out successfully.

Make Him Beg You Without Saying a Word

#1 – KEEP ON

No matter how he treats you, either very good or otherwise don’t get depressed. Always keep on your smiling face and never stop doing any of your routines. Cook him his favorite food whenever he offends you, catch him unaware, make him wonder what type of human you are. The truth is, if you offend someone and the person still show you so much love, you will eventually end up pleading because you have been defeated without even using words or reacting.


Just think in another direction even when he is wrong. Tell him you are sorry for peace to reign. Don’t say he is riding you, be submissive if you truly want it to work. If truly you are so much in love with him, you will do everything possible as you can for your relationship. Fight for the love of your life and swallow your pride and say sorry. Do not try to expect him to say sorry first, you have to take the lead and show him your maturity, you will even earn his respect without doing too much.


What you cannot alter in the physical realm can be easily altered in the spiritual realm. You have to pray for him, not everything he does is what he plans for. There are forces against him and the family because he is the head. You need to understand that very fact. And pray for him and the family as a whole.

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