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Major Factors Why People Grow Out OF Love

It will never be a new thing to you that people grow out of love, I am quite sure about that. The person you used to know for the love you both share became a stranger and no longer talking. This is not going to be a new thing at all. It happens day in day out. It’s like a dream when you woke up been blocked by the person that promised to never desert you.

You need to understand that most people confuse attachment for true love. That is why they failed in their respective relationships. I am not going to that aspect today. You can read through 7 Major Differences Between True Love And Attachment.

However, a situation like this can be avoided if proper measures are been considered. That is exactly what I’m going to discuss today. Because I don’t want you to make this mistake.

Major Factors Why People Grow Out OF Love

Foundation Of The Relationship

When the foundation is bad, the house is going down. Which is directly implies to the relationship. You’ll need to checkmate your relationship if you don’t want your relationship to grow out of love. I know life is what happens when you were busy making other plans. This means that you didn’t plan to fall in love but it happens. However, when you know the way you started wasn’t enough, go back to it and rebuild it. You cannot build a home with tomato sticks and expect it to stand when the rain comes. Do you tell lies to one another before? Do you both keep secrets? Go back and fix these things before it’s too late.

Never Change The Pattern

What are you known for by your pattern before love happens? Never stop those things when you are in a relationship. What you did to get your partner attracted to you is very important.

If it’s love at first sight, the foundation can be corrected easily if anything goes wrong but the majority of the people will call love at first sight attraction before love happens.

If you don’t know, what you are known for is what your partner thinks you are. Changing those things is like deceiving your partner to love you for who you weren’t. This will drastically deteriorate the love in the relationship.

Change Routine

You cannot feed yourself just one class of food and think that you are going to be fitted. You’ll need a balanced diet to achieve that goal. You can also relate this to a relationship as well.

You cannot keep doing the same thing every day and expect your partner not to get tired of you. Let me tell you the truth here – If you both don’t fight once a while, your relationship will be stagnated and you will not get to understand each other more. Conflict spices up the relationship. Conflict will make you see your partner in another dimension. I cannot explain how it happens but it’s real. I am not asking you to raise your hands on your partner. Just a little stir will do. A lady once said and I quote. She said,

I divorced my husband because he is so gentle and cold. He doesn’t beat me once a while.

Name withheld

What this type of woman wants is merely a change in routine as not directly implies to what she’s saying. You will need other things to make it work. You will need to make it lively. If she ignores you, ignore her. Then, she’ll tell you she misses you. If you always go after her, change it! Let her do the chasing. God didn’t create your brain to be idle when you are in a relationship. He created it so that when love gets tired, you’ll know what to do to fix it ASAP. God’s kind of love is not given to human and you need to understand that. Agape love is God’s kind of love while the others (Erotic: Love between a man and a woman, Philia: Brotherly love, etc.) are created for humans.

Nevertheless, you will need to change cards and routines to enjoy a long term relationship. In essence, keep working on the source of love which is attraction. Keep working on your self first and then your relationship as well.

Whether you believe it or not, a relationship is a game of love and intelligence. Love alone cannot make a lively relationship. You’ll need your brain as well.

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