Long Distance Relationship Perfect Dos AND Don’ts

When it comes to having a successful distance relationship, there are some dos and don’ts that need to be considered to attain success. Distance relationships can be so hard to deal with especially for those who are just getting to know each other before the situation warrants either of them to travel far away. You have to do partially everything right. You shouldn’t give any room for doubt. Normally, the backbone of any relationship is trust, but for distance relationships, it even requires a stronger trust and bond between the two parties involved. You have to say the right thing at the right time, as a little mistake could put an end to the relationship for good. It doesn’t matter how much you both love each other, you have to do it right if you want to keep
him or her. And that is why I have come up with this article to guide you through, don’t worry it is simple and easier than you think. Let’s get on the ride;  


For no reason whatsoever, do not ignore your phone calls. Try as much as you can to always pick up whenever he or she calls. Effective communication will go a long way, it is said to be the fuel of a distance relationship. I always say one thing that, whenever you ignore your phone call, trust drops. It doesn’t matter what you think about that perspective, that is just the fact. If you can not pick your phone, reply to him or her with a text message, you can easily say “Baby, I will call back”. Trust me, he or she will understand that you are busy at the moment. Just get back to them as soon as possible and if anything comes up, don’t say you forgot to return the phone call after several missed calls. It will deteriorate the love and trust drastically.  


What do I mean by “say everything?”. The initial reason you traveled probably was to get a better life for you both. You have to discuss your progress in achieving it; tell him or her how far you have gone so far. Show displease of being far away from your partner and tell him or her you will get back immediately you are done. You can discuss over the phone every single food you eat, every place you have gone to, people you have met with. Tell them, no one is as perfect as my better half, make him or her blush over the phone. Just say everything.


Fix a perfect time to discuss every day. It can be very early in the morning, afternoon, night, or midnight, that depends on you. As effective communication is the key, you have to do it with all seriousness. If anything goes wrong in any long-distance relationship, communication should be the main reason. The more you discuss, talk, and gist over the phone the more you are reassuring your partner of your future together. No matter what, do not say you are too busy. You are not here for yourself in the first place anyway, you came to fix a better life for you and your partner. so, do it right. Don’t trade your love for business.  


You can easily compose a text message over the phone. Technology is at your reach to help you with some romantic moves. Send him or her romantic love messages, flirt with him or her over the phone. Do it once a while, be as unpredictable as possible as you can. He or she might be having a hard time at the moment, and your message came at the right time to comfort your partner, let them feel you. You are not there with him or her but your heart is with your partner. it works like magic!  


You should not find yourself waiting for your partner to say I love you first. You should say it before they do, it shows them that they are your utmost priority. When you say I Love you, you definitely miss your partner and he or she knows. Tell them one thing about them that makes them unique and irreplaceable, tell them what they do that you miss a lot, say things like, I miss your salty food, my lips are darker; no one to kiss, be romantic. Just let it flow through you, do not let your ego take over. When it comes to a long distance relationship, you need to stop somethings to make everything work perfectly.  


This one I will not teach you but will give a hint. You need to be playful at times putting all seriousness aside. Use this moment to remember every stupid thing your partner does in a romantic way and laugh out loud over the matter. Tell them you are crazy for love and me too I am crazy for love. Gist as much as you can, you both are lovers and not some kind of Idontknow.

Love can be so interesting when you both are not only lovers but best of
friends. It works more than what you think. You don’t need to give orders to be
respected by your partner. If you know the right things to do, long-distance relationships can be so romantic and peaceful. Do it right, give it a try.

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