(Know How) Don’t Let Her Cry

The more you make her cry, the more the value she has for you reduces. You never can tell how you are destroying the love she has for you, she might stop trusting you when you hurt her or make her love for you deteriorate in the process. Don’t hurt her, be cautious and mindful of what you say to her. Your actions count a lot; her soft heart can not take a lot. You need to be very careful.

How To Not Hurt The Girl You Love  


She’s always on the lookout for everything you say or do. She’s a good listener and she’s a good observer as well. She will act stupid at times, don’t say ash words to her, correct her instead.  


Generally, humans are jealous creatures. We tend to get jealous frequently. No one has been able to overcome the power of jealousy. As a man, you need to try as much as possible not let her get jealous. It can easily make her cry in secret. When you create an imaginary lover or affair. She tends to get confused and wants to know why she isn’t good enough for you. She will try everything to get you satisfied and not knowing she’s dealing with someone who doesn’t exist. In the end, she gets tired and cries instead as it is more than what her soft heart could handle.  


Don’t cheat on her. There’s no perfect woman anywhere. But when you both collaborate, perfection will surely become the last name in your relationship. Instead of cheating on her, make her what you want. She will yield to correction as she doesn’t want to be replaced by anyone. She truly loves you as well as you do.


When you respect her words, she’s happy knowing that you value her a lot. She wants to tell you things, as she knows you will find sense in what she says. By doing this, you are giving her a kind of self-worth. She’s now happy and wants to love you more. If you respect her words, she will open up to you instead of crying in the secret all by herself.


Appreciation cannot be left untouched. She really appreciates the fact that you identify her worth and you support them with compliments. When you do this, she’s extremely overwhelmed with joy, peace, and happiness. She wants to do more of those things you appreciate about her.  


Buy her gift unexpectedly. She will adore you more. She will respect you more. There are a lot of things you can achieve with a surprise. Happiness is one of those things, you give her intense joy as well. Even when you do something wrong, she will remember the presents you got for her. And overlook it all because she has hope in you. Unexpected presents bring about Hope and self-worth in a relationship.    

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