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Just 7 Ways: How To Get The Woman Of Your Dream

There will be a point in time when you will decide to settle
down as a man. The worst situation is when you haven’t been able to convince
that lady you fell in love with, you might be doing a lot of things the wrong
way. Therefore, making it a little bit difficult to settle down. You have
already decided that this particular lady is who you want. You will not be reading
this post if you are with the lady you want to get married to. Let’s get on the
ride to the right things to navigate your way through, into a YES as an answer from


I will be discussing just seven tangible points, I have
decided to make it simple and easy. Just approximately 3 minutes read.

#1 – REAL

For you to convince anyone about your idea, or better still
for you to convince the woman of your dream that you are the right man for her,
you will first convince yourself. What am I saying in essence? You will be sincere
to yourself and her. You should show her that you are so much different from
the others that want to have her as well. Be as real as possible as you can. Be yourself,
you can not change yourself to get someone to want you; it is called fake. No one
wants a fake product, everyone wants original including the woman of your
dream. Give her your fake product and she will be a goner.

#2 – SMILE

Make her smile as possible as you can. Show her that you
worth to be lived with for the rest of her life. It will not be of any good for
you to make her sad whenever she is with you; you cannot get her that way. Get her
to know you with the friendly side of you only, as anything aside this might
not go in your favor. I am not asking you to become some kind of comedian to
make her smile, it is alright for a minimum proportion of your self humor. If you
always make her happy, she will want to be with you as possible as she can.  

#3 – GIFT

Be so romantic and unpredictable whenever you are trying to
get her something. Don’t just go out to get her something; you guys are not yet
dating, so, you have to do it right, as whatever you give her speaks a lot about
you to her. Give her the right impression, let it speak well of you and you will
be in the right position with her. Getting her gift can be occasional and
un-occasional i.e. when there is nothing special to celebrate. Just do it to get
her favor. She won’t reject it if you have done #1 and #2 correctly.


Always show up at the right time; whenever she needs help,
be the first to appear. Be there for her. Convince her that you are her superman and that no situation can go out of hand as far as you are concerned. By doing
so, it will get her to stay awake at night and think about you without telling her
your intention at all. I used to get any girl to ask me out herself with this
method, do not call it a trick. She will always be indebted to you when you are
always there to help her exactly when she needed someone most. It does not
matter if she is already in a relationship, what if you are the right person
for her? You are not being selfish, you are just getting back what is meant for
you. It is normal for someone to rent an apartment, that does not make them
the owner of the building, whenever the owner wants the building back, they
will eventually pack off. So, do not feel guilty, always be there before the person
she is dating and disappear before he arrives. Let her always tell him that
someone has already done it for me. Do everything in your power to be there to
support her as your actions look convincing than mere words.  

#5 – DATE

After you have done #1, #2, #3, #4 correctly and perfectly, go ahead and fix a date with her. Remember, for you to get the woman of your dream, lateness is prohibited. You should always act smart and swift as you are not the only one on her, don’t think you are the only one that has done #1, #2, #3, #4 correctly. Fix the date as soon as possible and don’t go there too late and too early. Let her wait for one or two minutes; don’t worry it is good, she already trusts you by now (#1, #2, #3, #4 will make her trust you). Make sure you say sweet and romantic words to her, be jovial as possible as you can but do not overdo it on a date. Ask about things like, why are you so lively? Why are
you so cute? Afterward, tell her there are too many questions to ask a missing angel from heaven (just a hint, you can be real instead of cramming all those words). Don’t tell her how you feel about her yet, put her in suspense. Let her think about you willingly. 


Fix a date you want to tell her how you feel about her already. Tell her everything, tell her your dreams. Try not to say bookish things to convince her. Right in the middle of the confession, tell her you left something in the office. Go to your car or (I don’t know where) and come back in the next minute to give her flower surprisingly. Tell her she means a lot to you ever since you met her. Tell her that you will not make a complete man without her being beside you. Tell her you to love her, don’t rush her. She will
definitely come back for you if you have convinced her that you are the best
for her.  

#7 – MARRY HER  

Don’t just date the woman of your dream if you want her forever. Get married to her and take care of her. If she doesn’t deserve you, you wouldn’t come after her in the first place. Do not change any of your actions after which you have married her if
you don’t want to lose her. Show her love forever even at old age.    

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