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5 Things You Need To Be The Perfect Wife.

What does it really mean to be perfect?

To be Perfect means to be without blemish or better still to be blameless. It also means to be excellent and delightful in all respects. The question is ” Can a person be perfect? HELL NO!!!

A person can only try to be perfect, but she can be perfect for her husband. Now, a wife will only try her best to keep her home. The wife owns the home, she really put in her possible best so as to keep it from breaking off. There are many things she will learn and do to be perfect as possible in which today I am going to discuss the essential doable ones to make her very close to perfection or be perfect. At the end of today’s topic, you will be able to conclude that to become a perfect wife is doable. What is required of you is time, continual investment, and patience. But let’s get on the ride to things she really needs to be the perfect wife.  


#1 – LOVE

Yeah, love is very important in keeping a home. You are to love your husband and your home with so much passion. I understand the fact that there was a mutual agreement before you came together as husband and wife (or as one), you love each other so much, but ever since you started living together, the question is “is the fire of your love still burning high as usual. I hope his behavior is not irritating you and you gradually stop loving him. If a woman (wife) wants to keep her home she has to keep the fire of her love burning for the husband.


It is very important to honor your husband, respect him in all ramifications, and do not just talk to him anyhow. He might not react because of his love for you, but he knows it if you respect him that much. The Holy Bible says “that a virtuous woman is the crown of her husband”. How do you intend to be a virtue woman with little or no respect for your husband not to talk of being the crown? A friend of mine will say “it is the exact proportion of respect you give to your husband that others will give to him”. This is where some homes break up, due to the disrespect of an outsider because of the wife’s behavior towards her husband. The question is “do you want your husband to be honored outside? Then, you have to honor him inside. It is very important.  

#3 – CARE

Care is another very important thing that can not be excluded when it comes to being a perfect wife. As a wife, you need to care for your family if you want to be that perfect wife that the husband wants. The act of care is learn-able and doable if you are the type that only cares for herself. You need to put into action the act of care. And also, for you to be that perfect wife who cares a lot, you need to take note of everything you notice and don’t be forgetful because you will need every bit of information to care for your husband and the family.

#4 – FOOD

Food is a crucial role in being a perfect wife. There are lots of ladies out there who don’t know how to cook and still they got married. How do you intend to take care of your husband without good food? Do you plan of buying everything? Before you know it, he would be tired of you eventually. One of the things you can do to tie down your husband and be that perfect wife that he wants is by being a good chef for the family and for the husband. If your husband would eat outside, let him but it shouldn’t be every time thing for him purposely because the wife couldn’t cook him good food. And also, I must buttress on this “that it is not the wife’s alone responsibility to cook”, but for you to impress him to cook for you, you must have become that good chef for him. If you do not know how to cook there are three things you need to do;

i. Get ready to learn.

ii. Put away shame.

iii. Talk to someone who can teach you or use the internet(YouTube, etc.)

iv. Learn wholeheartedly and be consistent. If you follow these three points listed above; in no time you will be a great chef to your husband and the family. What am I saying in essence? To be that perfect wife for the husband, you need to feed your husband with good meals. 


This aspect can not be left behind because it is crucial as well, to be that perfect wife to the husband. You need to know the right words to say to your husband in times of distress. He can get broke, he might have issues at work. The question is “How do you encourage him whenever he is down?” talk to him and let him know your value to him as the perfect wife. Encourage him to do the right thing, make him realize that he is a man and shouldn’t be down, call him sweet names, say romantic words to him, and make sure you calm him down. It works like magic. The truth is, there are lots of work you are going to do to become a perfect wife, but the ones explained above will quickly help you out with ease and without fail.

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