Is love at first sight really love or lust?

 Well, true Love comes at first sight for only a few, A mother seeing her newborn baby Loves him/her on sight, without questioning why or how. But can one fall in love and feel true love and passion on first sight? Love is something that comes out of something, it does not come out of no where. Many have fallen flat for the “love at first sight motto” and have fallen out of the so-called love in a hurry. Love takes time, constant care, communication, friendship, deep thinking and so much more to come by. Falling for a person on first sight is sometimes not love, there must be some driving force attached. For instance, you are supposed to like a very pretty lady at first sight!  And same for the ladies too. Now, that beauty clouds your mind and overwhelms you to think that you’re in love. But truth is, you just love her face and all her natural endowments. Ask your self this, “can I fall in love with a not so good looking person at first sight? ” What happens at first sight is “attraction” and nothing else.

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