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Is it possible for one man to truly love two ladies at the same time?

A friend complained to me once that he’s confused and in the midst of what seems to be true love, but this feeling is shared equally between two ladies A & B respectively. I asked him, Do you really love them both? How do you know that what you feel is true love?  

According to him, he first met Miss A, fell in love with her, got into a relationship then, met Miss B two years later. Now, he feels the same thing he felt for Miss A when they first met. Does this mean he loves them both?   There is something called excitement and infatuation. When you first started getting close to your current lover, you first get infatuated with things about him/her, with the right efforts put in place it slowly turns to love.   Now in the midst of you both getting to know each other and blending too, there is this excitement that comes with getting something new like a new iPhone, you’re so excited that you can’t wait to open it and start exploring your new device, at that moment it feels like the best. That’s how it is also with the relationship thing, you get so excited at the start. At the beginning it’s the sweetest thing, but along the line you begin to see faults. And that’s where love comes if you can accept those faults of your partner and still have a normal relationship.  

Now, after some time he began to see the truth, which was the fact that he did not really love miss B but was just lost in that pre-relationship excitement, yeah that’s what I call it “pre-relationship excitement “. That’s what happens to many of us when we leave our lover just because we found someone new. In this case, he was not ready to leave either of them. But after some time when both of them were standing in front of him and asking him to choose he finally knew what he wanted, and still happy about the choice he made.   So what I’m saying is that, one man can’t be in love with two ladies at the same time, he either loves one and likes something about the other,  or he loves none.  

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