Importance Of Faithfulness In A Relationship

Well alot of people find it hard to be faithful to their partners. Is it really possible to love someone you are unfaithful to? that’s the question. No matter the type of relationship, it’s never alright to cheat on your partner.

People cheat for so many different reasons like:
Lack of attention from their partner. If the other person is not giving them attention and they find someone else who gives them the attention, this can lead to unfaithfulness.

Sex. If one is overly sexual active the person might not find easy to stick with one person.

Lack of self-control. Self control is really necessary in a relationship because there is always someone prettier or more handsome than your partner.
These are just a few reasons why people cheat. Even with all these reasons, it’s still never alright to cheat on your partner, it’s better to just leave the relationship than to cheat. Okay so why do we need to be faithful to our partners?
Cheating is betrayal. Being with someone is a commitment, it means you’ll rather be with them than anyone else and if commitment doesn’t work for you then don’t commit. If you decide to commit then don’t betray the commitment you made with your partner.

Relationship is all about communication. If you know that person is not giving you attention or is not treating you right, why don’t you talk about it with the person.

Would you be okay if you are cheated on? Well I’m sure there are a few people that don’t mind being cheated on, that’s crazy but if your partner has only shown you love, attention and affection, why try to be with someone else….it’s just wrong.

Faithfulness is a measure of love. Some people don’t know this but if you stay faithful to your partner, it shows you love them. No matter what you’ve gotten for them or how much you say you care about them, it’s all just trash if you can’t choose only them. Choose that person everyday.

Faithfulness makes the relationship worthwhile. Staying faithful to your partner makes it worth the relationship because you’ll give attention, love and care to only that person and both of you would be happy and be each other’s happiness.
Is it okay to cheat on your partner? NO, it’s never okay. Cheating can never be justified. No matter how alone or unattended to you feel, it doesn’t give you a reason to cheat. Better still, leave the relationship if it’s not getting better. If you find someone else that makes you happier than your partner does, just leave. Don’t try to juggle two relationships, it’s emotionally and physically stressful and you’ll never know how you’ll get caught.
So how do you know your partner is cheating and what can you do about it?
There are several signs of a cheating partner but it’s possible for you not to know, sometimes you just have to trust your partner, never be on the look for signs of them cheating if they’ve never really given you a reason not to trust them.
Not giving the partner enough attention. If your partner isn’t giving you as much attention as they use to they are probably interested in someone else. Sometimes it the partner is actually involved in something new they might not give you as much attention, so don’t just jump into conclusion.

Lying and not being straight forward. If your partner is trying to hide something from you, there will be alot of lying and they won’t be straight forward because they don’t want you to know where they’ve been or who they’ve been with. This is a sign they’ve probably been with someone else.

They cancel at the last minute very often. This is not as general for everyone but if they always seem to cancel last minute more often than they use to then they are probably trying to be with someone else.

Always leaving the room to answer calls. So you are together and their phone rings and they always rush out to answer calls, they should be able to answer them with you there unless they don’t answer them in front of you before.

These are really just a few signs that your partner could be cheating. They could be other reasons for them to act this way but it’s very possible they could be cheating.

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