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If Your Can Discuss These 6 Things With Him Then You Know you’re Meant To Be

Many ladies out there find it so difficult to know where their relationships are heading to all because they failed to come out clean with their men. How do I mean? They were unable to discuss some matters with their men. They fear to lose him to other girls. This is one thing because their relationship hasn’t really grown or because the foundation of their relationship wasn’t built well.
However, irrespective of what your relationship is going through, you should be able to ask him these questions to know if you both are meant to be.

Fine, some relationship won’t last and that is not a curse. Some people come into your life not to come to stay but to come to teach you some things either about life or relationship.
Now, I know you are very curious to ask him these questions right away, but you have to go very slow. You don’t just bombard him with all these questions in a day and expect a genuine and sincere answer from him. Of course, you can get that but not even a day. Spread out the questions, tick as you are getting your answers, and ask one question a day.

If Your Can Discuss These 6 Things With Him Then You Know you’re Meant To Be.

1.The Future Of Your Relationship

Obviously, your relationship doesn’t have an assurance of the future if you can’t ask your man about the plans he has for the relationship. If you both don’t discuss your relationship future, it simply means that you don’t have plans of staying with each other forever. For you to have this confidence that you are meant to be, you need to have successfully cut out some questions instead of sweeping them under the carpet. Ask him questions and confirm if he sees you in his future.

2.Your Biggest Insecurities

Being insecure in a relationship is not bad at all, what is bad is that your partner doesn’t know about it. It’s fine to be afraid of losing your partner, it’s never bad showing your partner your vulnerable side, what’s worse is that your partner doesn’t know how to protect you because he is unaware of them. For you to have a relationship that is immovable by any ups or downs then he needs to know your biggest insecurities so that he can help you out.
If you can come out clean with your man about your insecurities in the relationship, then you are meant to be forever.

3.Your Sexual Needs

Many couples out there are so selfish on this aspect of the relationship. All they know is when they are in need. They are less concerned about when their partner is in need. The first thing you need to know is when your partner needs sex. Many relationships have ended because one out of the partners doesn’t know his or her partner’s sexual need or when their sexual life isn’t adventurous. You as the man might not be satisfying her sexually and If she can successfully discuss her sexual needs with her man, it means that they are very close friends and he will understand and do something about it. You wouldn’t want to be with a man who gets mad because you told him he is not satisfying you sexually. That’s what led to many broken marriages today. The wife was unable to come out clean thereby attaching her divorce to something else. Some women do it to protect the reputation of the man they once loved. When people ask why they divorced, they would be able to say another thing. If you can tell your man about your sexual needs, your relationship will last a lifetime.

4.Your Financial

Are you able to talk about your financial philosophical views with your man? If the answer is yes, then you are meant to be. You need to be able to tell each other what you think about finances and other related topics. For a romantic relationship to work, you will need to be mindful of the way you handle money or the way you spend.

5.Your Personal Beliefs

How are you going to know each other more if you are not discussing personal beliefs with one another? When both of you don’t even know what you think about life and beliefs?
For any romantic relationship, you must be able to know how your partner thinks to a reasonable proportion or level. If you are asked the same question at the same time in a different place, your answer to the question should be the same. This can be achieved when you discuss personal beliefs with one another.

6.Your Feelings For Him

Always let him know how you feel about him. Keep telling him, let it be ringing on his head that you truly love him. Men like it when they are highly respected and loved. Especially, when he loves you the way you do. Keep reminding him of your feelings for him. When he goes out, he won’t see any other girl that will ruin your relationship. The first thing that comes to his mind is you if at all the thought or temptation of talking to a strange girl comes because you don’t stop telling him about your feelings.

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