If He Does These 5 Things, I Suggest You Shouldn’t Marry Him

On a normal ground, most people want to get married to the man that they are in a relationship with. This is so true for most females. That’s ultimately the goal of most couples, right? You are determined to settle for the best as well, you want to get married to that man who loves you and makes you happy all the time. You are ready to spend the rest of your life happily with the man who cares and respects you. And with the man who will do anything in his power to protect you because you are obviously so precious to him – you are priceless jewelry to him. You are willingly ready to be with that man who will love you unconditionally; agape love. And I must say that it’s a very nice decision to wanting that type of life. It’s actually better to be in a relationship that won’t give you headaches or pain eventually. And you need to be careful so that your desperate want won’t get the better side if you. If he is not good for you, the best thing to do is quit without looking back. But most times, it’s so difficult to do because you’ve become blind to the bad side of his personality. That’s why you need to be very careful in your relationship, there’s a need for you to take note of everything happening in your relationship. You must be ready to stay on top of every situation. Which implies that you need to be aware of his not so good characters, you shouldn’t turn totally blind to his wrongs even if you will have to pretend you don’t see them. You can’t concentrate mainly on his good sides, because that’s the best way to find yourself in a bad relationship unknowingly. You have to be so honest with yourself, this is a delicate part of you; your emotions. It’s not a new thing that relationships are not perfect including yours, they are bound to have many flaws and you have to come out clean with those flaws. At times, these flaws would be overlooked, it’s okay but there are some flaws that you will have to take note so that you won’t have yourself to be blamed in the future. There are some bad characters and behaviors you should not tolerate whatsoever. Always remember that marriage is a life commitment and it is never accepted biblically for you to quit or get out so easily. That’s why there’s a need for you to be so sure about this person before going into marriage. Therefore, if you realize that he is guilty of the following traits, you may want to do something about your relationship, you should probably reevaluate some things.  Let him know those things. Make sure that he is aware of those traits or bad habits. And, if he is ready to change, support him by helping him out, it becomes easier when two people solve a problem together. But if otherwise; he doesn’t care or he is defensive, I will presume you to move on.  

1. He won’t fulfill his promises and commitments.

He does not follow up on those things that he promises you. And that’s a not so good thing if he can default on little things that he promised you, how sure are you that he’s going to fulfill the big things?  

2. He blankly disrespects you.

It’s known that men are the head in their respective relationships. But that shouldn’t give you any room to be disrespectful of your partner. When you have a partner that is okay with disrespecting you, that’s definitely bad. You want to be with a man who respects you everywhere or anywhere. You don’t want to be with a man who would make you feel bad about yourself.  

3. He causes you emotional and mental pains.

You might even think that just because your other half isn’t laying a hand on you means that he is not giving you any pain. But that is very wrong. There are certain types of pain that come in with the physical appearance. It is very dangerous for you to end up with a man who causes you mental and emotional pains because it is going to kill you gradually eventually.  

4. He doesn’t support the relationship in terms of progress. 

He is always staying on a point in the relationship and not ready to take things to the next level. He does not really show any interest to move to the next phase in the relationship. He is just okay with where you both are. He is not anxious about where you both are heading to.  

5. He is a cheat and acts unfaithfully in the relationship.

At times, cheating on your partner can be rescued. It is doable for partners to move on from an act of infidelity in a relationship. But most times, when the trust is broken, nothing can be done about it permanently. It’s might not be possible for you to trust this person ever again.

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