I Truly Love You So Much

Every day I want to spend with you, I cannot live without you. I used to have this thought over and over again. I used to miss you whenever we are not together and I have determined to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much. Though we are in a relationship and I still crush on you every day. You have become my idol and my destiny, the truth is that I am not perfect without you, I will do flops till you come in and fix it with your presence. I will not have a perfect day without you, I will lose a lot of appetites without you. Whenever I sleep I see you, that is why I do not want to close my eyes because it will eventually make me miss you more. Baby, if you are mad at me, please do not push me away because I do not want to offend the only person I
am in love with. I love loving you, it is my best hobby. I really want to grow old with you, I want to always be with you, my world and everything. I was so empty until you came in to fix me with a better world and I love living in it. Baby, please do not cheat on me because I will not even think of cheating on you. If you do, I will cry and cry and will still never leave you no matter what.

I do not want to spend a second without you, I will keep coming after you even if you
are the one that offends me. Baby, your imperfections and flaws I don’t see them anymore, all I see is that my better half is my completion. I believe we will fix each other in case there be need to do that, I will never leave you whatsoever! I don’t want
to love anyone else as I do love you, I don’t want to be with anyone else except you. I only love kissing with you, I only love going to the movies with you, I only love doing the bathroom thing with you, I only love going to church with you, I only love dancing with you, I only love playing with you, I only love laughing out loud with you. Do not forget how much I truly love you. I am always yours and forever yours. Your Baby.  

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